Friday, July 15, 2011

Setting Sun

This picture was taken on the very last night of our trip in Virginia. My brother in law, Hazen, took us on a sunset boat ride down the Potomac. Everyone was laughing and taking pictures and I leaned back in the boat and stared at the sunset. I knew my grandmother was dying. I thought at this point that I would see her again. I watched the beautiful sun setting in the sky and thought about her life. At one point she had been the brightest and most beautiful sun in the sky. When she was in the middle of the sky, her light shone as bright as anyone I had ever known. And as I watched the sun set, I began to cry, and I thanked God for her life. I was so grateful to have had such an incredible woman of faith shape and mold me. I craned my neck and watched the sun as it disappeared behind the horizon. I tried to watch it as long as I could and tears ran down my face when it was no longer visible. My Grandmother passed away 12 hours later.

I love that Rob got a picture of this sunset. It will always remind me of that night. And of the light that burned so bright in my life for the longest time and is now in a glorified state in the arms of her Savior.


Anna said...

both praying for and rejoicing with your precious family! love y'all.

Elliot said...

Oh Lauren, this post makes me cry. Grandmother WAS a bright and shining sun in our lives, ALWAYS! She will always be remembered for the wonderful woman of God she was here on Earth. We are so blessed to have had her for so long, and to be so touched by her life. I love you and miss you already. Thankful you have that picture.