Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bennett's dream come true, butterbeer, a wedding, and other odds and ends

My sister has ruined me for life. I will never ever be able to bribe my child by telling her that I will give her a surprise if she's good. I can never do it again. Wanna know why? Because my sister told Bennett she had a surprise for her and then took her to a HORSE FARM! Are you serious? I'm done. This was Bennett's reaction.

Can you say Priceless?

Oh my word. She was in heaven. And she keeps telling me that this was the best surprise ever. I can never top it. Now my lame trip to the yogurt shop will pale in comparison because it's not a HORSE FARM! Thanks, Aunt Lisa. But I was thrilled that she and Will had a blast riding horses with their cousins. So fun.

My sister and I also took the kids to the McWayne Center in Birmingham. Bennett keeps calling it the Lightening McQueen Center. Whatever works. We had a blast watching the kids run and explore.

In the evenings we were all pretty worn out. And sometimes you just need to cuddle with your big cousin and thank her for letting you ride a horse with her.

I took my oldest niece to see Harry Potter. My Dad and I waited in line together on opening night of the very first Harry Potter movie and so it was fun to come full circle and wait in line again with Piper for the final movie. Before we went we all had to have a large glass of butterbeer along with some cauldron cakes that we baked.

And finally, my little brother got married. Well, I guess he is of legal age to be wed, but I still think he's 14 years old. And he's not really my brother. But I consider him to be like one. Taylor Hall is the most amazing guy you will ever meet and it was an honor and a privilege to watch him marry the love of his life, the beautiful Bianca. Here are a few shots of the handsome groom, his lovely bride, and my dear friends John Schmidt and Corey Maze.

Well, our three week odyssey is coming to an end. We head back to good 'old Kansas City in just a few days. During our time left in Alabama I plan to swim a lot, hug my nieces as much as possible, eat lots of boiled peanuts, and stare longingly at all of the crepe myrtles. I miss the south. I just do.

And I will miss these three so very much. Just like I do every time I have to say good-bye. Sigh.....


Anonymous said...

Lauren, would you ask Elliot (AKA The Rose) where she got her dress. LOVE!

Caroline Armstrong said...

I tell you...girls and horses....there is something there.

Anna said...

Love that 1st horse picture! The mcWane center is awesome! Addie calls it the qwaQwane center. I like bennetts name! So thankful yall had such a wonderful trip!