Saturday, November 13, 2010

So many pictures it might hurt your eyes

I am way behind on posting pictures. I know this may not be a problem for most of you, but I like to have a record of things, so bear with me. Here are some completely random shots that have nothing to do with each other, but I thought I would throw them all together and see what comes out. Kind of like a GLEE mash-up. Yes, I went there.

Here are my sweet kids enjoying the beautiful Fall weather. I LOVE autumns in Kansas. They are almost as perfect as the ones in East Tennessee. Almost.

We went to a pumpkin patch earlier in the month and Bennett had to find Levi first thing. These kids adore each other. Bennett always wants to see her "bestest buddy."

I went to the pumpkin patch with a bunch of other ladies from my Moms group.

My friend Sarah and her beautiful little girl, Reese.

Only my daughter would completely ignore the pumpkins and head straight for the fake horses on the wall. She is not right in the head sometimes.

Look, Bennett found a pumpkin!

Look, Will found a paci!

My daughter wears her Cinderella dress everywhere. And I do mean everywhere. I don't want to stifle her creative spirit, but I did have to draw the line at wearing it to church. If they think I'm odd when she wears smocked dresses, there ain't no telling what the would think if she showed up in this.

Gooey pumpkin goodness

Stoic and focused Rob on pumpkin scooping duty. Stoic and focused Bennett copying her Dad.

Casey- if you're reading this, there's your drawing table. It's like Switzerland in this house. It's the only neutral activity that my kids will actually do together.

I snapped this shot of Bennett on her way to school. I absolutely love this picture. And how pretty does it look outside? I mean, come on!

My friend Ali had a Halloween party so I took Goldilocks and Baby Bear a few days before Halloween.

Some of my lovely KC friends with their cute little ones.

Of course, Bennett only had eyes for Levi.

Until she found a horse. Then Levi was history. And baby bear had long shed his costume by this point. I'm telling you, my kids and horses are matches made in heaven. We drive around in the afternoons and just look for horses. Think what you will, but that gets me through many long "witching hour" afternoons.

And here's Levi again. This time the bestest buddies met up for a play.

Here are the budding thespians catching a morning show of, "Alexander and the No Good, Horrible, Very Bad Day." It was such a cute show and I probably enjoyed it more than the kids. I will instill my love of theatre into Bennett or else.

Afterwards we caught lunch at the train restaurant...

... and then they hung out in the train with their friend, Ridley.

The cutest kids in the world. It's my blog and I can say that. But they are.

Okay, I'm done. If you made it to the end then you deserve a reward. Maybe three blog posts in a row that don't have any pictures in them. Would that be a good enough reward? We shall see.


starnes family said...

1. I love Fritz's.

2. I miss BBM. Tell the girls I said, "Hello from California!".

3. Miss KC Autumn.

4. Seriously? You have the perfect pumpkin sweater from Janie and Jack that I adore?

5. Love your family!

Brittny said...

I'm drooling over your fall. My mom and I were just talking yesterday about how your family just fits so perfectly into the fall season. I love fall.

(On a sad note, I found out my parents aren't going to KC after all, so we can't sneak in the car. It would have been fun though!)

Anonymous said...

OK, you have to spill the beans on where you got that orange sweater for Bennett! I'm not kidding.

Reminds me of my "pumpkin dress". Mine was smocked Polly Flinders I wore for 3-4 years growing up. It started as way too big and finally was a shirt with pants (red ones, hm). Anyway, I wore it in every fall photo of my pre-school years. I must get that sweater for a friend. LOVE IT!

Carmen & Eddie said...

um no pics is not a reward for me!!more like punishment!

so fall is also great in va... you should know that!

Anna said...

i for one missed the pictures and was happy to see a long post of them. i for one also think your kiddos are pretty cute indeed! i for one ALSO want MORE pictures. just saying. beautiful pictures and precious children! love how much fun you have and how honest you are! oh...and i for one made it to the end of your post as well {grin}.