Monday, November 22, 2010

It's official. I'm old.

I was reading a book in bed last night and Rob was beside me editing away on his laptop. When I reached over to turn off my lamp I noticed Bennett's music box on my night stand. It is an Ariel music box and Ariel sings and dances when you open it. The following was our conversation.

Me: You know, I never really noticed before, but Ariel isn't wearing much at all.

Rob: She's a mermaid! What is she supposed to wear?

Me: Well, She could at least have some straps or something on her bikini top.

Rob: When did you become such a Mom?

He's right. I'm old. And that mermaid is showing far too much skin in my opinion.


starnes family said...

Totally agree. When you're at Disneyland and notice your husband drooling over the princesses your daughter is admiring, it's time to offer them a shawl.

See? I said, "shawl". THAT IS OLD.

The Khans said...

Haha, that is too funny. Love it. I know there are plenty of things I can't believe these days that make me seem old. Oh well, just go with it right.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen that hussy Jasmine?

Anna said...

amen! i'm right there with you! i've heard paul say many times..."our girls will NEVER wear that." let's just hope thats one NEVER that we can NOT eat our words on later!