Wednesday, November 3, 2010

16 months and 2 days.

My baby boy is 16 months and 2 days old today.

Why is this significant? Why is today the day that has caused me so much disbelief?

Because Bennett was 16 months and 2 days old on the day Will was born.

I knew it at the time, but Bennett was such a baby when Will was born. I mean, my goodness. She was a baby.

I look at Will now and he is still so small to me. I cannot imagine bringing another baby into the house. He still needs me so much. How in the world did I do it? But it was what it was. I wasn't able to focus on the fact that it would be hard. I couldn't be sad about the fact that Bennett was about to have to share me. We were just so thrilled that God blessed us with another child.

And Bennett seemed so much older than Will does now. She was speaking 2-3 word sentences. She was so independent. She was so smart and capable. Will is a lot needier. He seems.... younger than Bennett did.

Yet, I do think of all that Bennett has been through. By the time she was in 16 months and 2 days old she had lived in three different homes, moved across the country, and acquired a baby brother.

And it has been hard. I am not going to sugarcoat it. It has been hard on all of us. I have had two babies that have needed me so much and I have been 14 hours away from my nearest relative. I haven't had a break. I haven't had a weekend away. My Mom wasn't able to keep my kids for an afternoon so I could run errands. My daughter just started a kids day out program, so for 14 months I was home 7 days a week all by myself with two incredibly small children. But we did it. We survived and I know our family is closer because of it. Our little family unit has an unbreakable bond and love for each other that I think has been strengthened because we have been in the trenches together.

And I am so proud of Bennett. She is a trooper and is able to adjust and accept whatever life throws at her. However, that being said, I am certainly glad that I am not bringing another newborn home when Will is 16 months old. I have looked at him all day today and shaken my head in disbelief. Craziness. Complete and total craziness.

My babies 16 months ago and then again this past weekend. I am blessed.


Donnie Manis said...

"16" months? Hmmmm. :) Not sure about the significance of the "2" though.

I'm proud of y'all for following God's call despite those difficulties. But your Halloween pictures spoke volumes about the family bond you've created. Thanks for writing such a fun blog so we can see that for ourselves.

The Khans said...

wow Lauren. Isn't it crazy how time flies. You are doing an amazing job, even though there are tough days you are a wondeful mommy. God definitely has blessed you and your family and will continue to do so I'm sure. I pray Will and Bennett continue to strenthen their bond and become great friends.

starnes family said...

Oh, sister. Do I know how you feel.....not only the 16 months age span.....but the relocating, too.

You handle it beautifully.....with the grace and smile of a perfect mother!

The Scott family said...

Love this post! It almost made me cry (admittedly, that's not hard these days) You're doing a great job!! I can't wait to meet your kids!

Brittny said...

isn't it crazy when you see #2 the same place that #1 was when #2 joined the crowd and that the thought of a #3 being added right now seems impossible? CRAZY I TELL YOU!!!!!!

i think i just gave myself a headache.

Anonymous said...

I love that you marked this day. I'm a days/numbers/dates person which makes your post even more fun to read.

I do it all the time with my mom. For instance.... when she was my age she had a 15 year old and had already purchased a safe car preparing for my drivers license. How did she know what to do when she was so young??

Carmen & Eddie said...

You have handled this time in your life with great strength and humor! You are an amazing woman! It only goes to show that when God said he would not give us something we could not handle, he knew what he was talking about!

Anna said...

amazing! i cant believe how the time has flown...and how little bennett was when will was born! youre right in that we dont think about how hard it is or will be...we just do it! you're such an amazing mama to 2 amazing kiddos!