Sunday, August 10, 2008

We're here

My first trip to Texas.

By: Bennett Webster
More stories to come, but I have had a very busy few days. Let's see- I felt sad for the alternator in my parents (totally awesome) van, thanked my grandparents for loaning us their van, spent the night in Cajun Country and fell asleep listening to crickets chirping about a swamp, rocked out to Baby Mozart on my 12 hours car ride, met the rest of my family, watched my parents eat a lot of food, squealed a LOT, compared bald heads with my Uncle Hazen, cheered for Michael Phelps, hung out with my cousins, pooped in the swimming pool, laughed at Callie the dog, and slept a lot. Here are a few pictures, but there will be a lot more to share when I get home. Let's hope the alternator in my grandparents van works better than the one in my parents.

Hey Jameson- our Dads have pretty much identical DNA. Why don't you look more like me?
You may now kiss my arm
Meeting Max and Madeline
Hey Sophie. Good to see you again. I'm not quite as breakable now, so feel free to play with me. I hear you're going to paint my toenails pink.

I have no idea whether my Dad or my uncle is holding me, but I think they're both pretty cool.

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Courtney said...

I am in love with Jameson's hair!