Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Who cares about Usain Bolt? That's our friend Phil running sound for the Olympics. And really, Rob and I just watch to catch glimpses of Phil in the background. However, he's not normally in the background. He is right there in some of the most iconic shots of the games. In fact, when they run highlight reels of the games, they keep showing the shot of Bolt by his world record number, and there's our Phil in every shot. We are so proud. And Phil- if you're reading this- we're watering your hydrangea for you.

And the World Record goes to..... the guy on the left for best sound


Amanda said...

Hilarious! Now that you point him out, it almost appears as if he's been photoshopped in. Lauren, come on... You can't possibly KNOW the sound guy??!!

Lauren W said...

Although Rob is a photoshop master, that is truly the one and only Phil Bowdle- live in Beijing. And you aren't really cool if you don't know the sound guy. :-)

Amanda said...

Alas, I'm uncool then. But I do know a friend who has a friend that's name is Phil and he IS the sound guy at the Olympics ;-)

Oh, and break out the Klenex (or other generic tissue product) for me tomorrow (and the next week... and possibly the next...).