Sunday, August 3, 2008

Somebody's Getting Old

Sigh....... 30. I remember when 17 seemed SO old. A friend of mine in elementary school had a brother who was 17 and I just couldn't believe it. Seventeen!!! How times change.

My day started with a baby spitting up on me and ended with a baby spitting up on me, but everything in between was pretty fun. I did feel slightly bad when the Wii shaped pez dispenser made me scream out, "Rob Webster!! you got us a Wii!!!!!" Well, I wouldn't have felt bad if it was true, but I felt awful when Rob sheepishly said, "Ummm, no, that's just a pez dispenser there."

Rob had decorated the house with streamers, gifts and roses and then when I got to the church (at 6:30 am!!) my dear friends Taylor and Corey had decorated our green room with streamers, balloons, and even a pinata. They got a cake for me as did my parents, so by the 11:00 service we were all on a massive sugar high. Well, they were all high on cake. I was just high on pez.

We then went to Shoney's for lunch. Yes, Shoney's. I have been teased all day because of it but I wanted to see my family in Birmingham and the town that is exactly halfway between the two cities only has a Shoneys. Laugh all you want, but it's not what you eat, but rather who you share the meal with. Still, the breakfast bar on your 30th is a little bit lame. But I got to be with my family and I'll take that over soggy cornbread any day.

I had to be at the church all night tonight (didn't the pastor know it was my birthday?) and then we went to dinner with some good friends. I had lots of e-mails, lots of calls, some very sweet and dear cards, and gifts sent from college friends who know me so well and still remember. Very fun. Very tiring. And I feel very old. Time to go wash off the spit up and go to bed. But first, here are a few pics from the day.

my peeps

Some Contemporary Worship folks hanging out during the sermon. Don't tell John that we weren't listening.

The two vandals who broke into the church at 10:00pm to decorate.

Ummm... didn't you get the memo? Blue smocked dresses with swimmers is so in this season.

We don't care what anyone says. Shoney's is the coolest place to celebrate your birthday. Where else can you get salad, creamed corn, AND french toast all on one plate?


Lori Mercer said...

Oh, what a fun day! :) I remember 30 - oh so long ago! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Girl!

Amanda said...

Happy 23rd...!

Carmen Andres said...

I missed your birthday?!?!? ack. here are warm and happy hugs and love from Virginia!!

Courtney said...

Happy belated Lauren! Shoneys. Ah, that's some quality stuff right there. LOL.