Friday, June 23, 2017

Springtime in Texas!

If you live in Texas during the month of April you must take pictures of your family in fields of bluebonnets. I think it might be Texas law. Your children must frolic amongst the fields of wildflowers, but for goodness sakes DO NOT PICK THEM! That is also Texas law. Or so I'm told. By angry Texans after we did that. Oh wait, it's not a law at all but something you just know when you move here because you don't mess with Texas. On anything. These people are crazy, y'all.

So frolicking through bluebonnets is a requirement but picking just one will have a Texas ranger by your side in a nanosecond. Got it? Good.

Our first year in Texas we got lovely pictures, but last year it rained so much that the crop of bluebonnets came and went before anyone noticed. This year, however, was a banner year for bluebonnets so off we went. And I must say that they are indeed beautiful. To look at! Not pick. Don't arrest me.

4 1/2 years old and full of spirit, spunk and love. Man, I love this kid.

7 1/2 years old and the kindest and most inquisitve soul you will ever meet.

One of my favorite pictures ever.

9 years old and bursting with creativity and imagination.

My people. 

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