Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's 2014

I thought I would be fun and make a dessert every night this week leading up to Valentine's Day. I thought that the kids could help me and that it would build anticipation and excitement.


What was I thinking? That's like offering your family a bag of candy every night before Halloween? How did I forget the insane amounts of chocolate and candy you get at Valentine's? Not to mention that my fridge is full of leftover desserts that we never ate because we were making a new one every night.

I'm full. And uncomfortable. And in need of some carrot sticks. And a gym membership.

But for posterity's sake I will post the pictures of our fun week and all of the calories and sugar that went along with it.

Valentine's Dessert Night 1. Strawberry and chocolate pies. They were absolutely delicious. We will definitely be making these again.

 Night 2- some sort of Valentine moose munch. It was good and actually even better the next day. But the white chocolate didn't coat very evenly.

Night 3- Strawberry milkshakes

 Night 4- Oreo Dessert

I went to Will's class party yesterday. Isn't he the cutest?

 And these were the cards we sent out to their classes. Third year in a row. We love them.

Valentine's morning. Following the trail of hearts from the bedrooms...

.... to their surprises waiting on the kitchen table.

Lainey was not impressed. She was like, "Are you kidding me with this junk I found all over the floor?"

Bennett was thrilled. Lainey was still annoyed.

Will and I went to Bennett's class party. He's wearing the same shirt that he wore to his party the day before. I was too busy baking to do laundry.

And then tonight we made homemade heart shaped pizzas for dinner.

Bennett gave us the Valentine's that she made for us.

And then we made our final dessert for the week. Night 5- chocolate/marshmallow pizzas.

Valentine's scavenger hunt after dinner. Rob hid clues all over the house and they loved running from room to room searching for clues. **DISCLAIMER** We had to stop the hunt halfway through because they were fighting like nobody's business over who found the clue first, etc...  Just keeping it real. They were definitely coming down from a massive sugar high.

We ended the night by belting out the Frozen soundtrack on Bennett's karaoke machine.

Until the kids started fighting over who got the words right or who got to sing which song. Then we were definitely done.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!!

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starnes family said...

I love your ideas! And, baking with children is no easy task....especially with ALL those helpers.....kudos, super mama!