Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! We had a great family day this year. Last year Rob was in Israel on Valentine's Day. I remember that I was just 5 weeks pregnant, the kids had the flu, it was miserably cold in Kansas City, and I was home alone. I am happy to say that this year Rob and I were together, it was a whole lot warmer, nobody is sick, and I am not pregnant! Already a better year.

To start our day off right, I grabbed some scrapbook paper that I had in my craft box and made some hearts for the kids. It looks like all of our hearts say Will. Hmmm....I guess they were just photographed that way. I promise I had an even number for all three kids. I need to put that in case Bennett or Lainey is showing this post to their therapist in 20 years.

We set out a trail of hearts from the kids bedroom to the kitchen table to surprise them when they woke up.

The trail led to the table which we had decorated the night before. Each kid got a stuffed animal (which I bought last year the day after Valentine's for 60% off. Winning!) and they got their autograph book for our upcoming trip to Disney.

 Rob and I made heart shaped pancakes for the kids and added strawberries, pink marshmallows, and strawberry milk to go with it.

 Enjoying an early morning sugar rush.

We then went to Bennett's Valentine's party at her pre-school.

Me and my Valentine. I know this because she told me that I was.

The kids performed their little play of Henny Penny for us. Guess who was chosen to play the main part? My budding little thespian.

Sweet Mrs. Terry gently reminding the kids of their lines.

Here was the loot that entered my door after pre-school. I think it was almost as good as Halloween.

That night Rob and I decided to forgo the obligatory date night and we made homemade pizzas with the kids.

Heart shaped of course.

 Bon Apetit!

All in all, it was a great day. Of course in the middle of the love fest we had gymnastics, time outs, spilled juice, poopy diapers, and everything else that makes our daily lives so insane awesome.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Hope you were able to hug someone extra special. I know I did!

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