Wednesday, February 13, 2013


We have had so much going on and I mean to blog about it, but it seems as if I never do. And the kids are changing so rapidly that every time I turn around they have changed quite a bit. So, I think I will just do one of my quick and handy family updates. 

Bennett- She's reading! She has been playing at it for a long time now. She has been able to read basic words for awhile, but she can now take a level 1 easy reader book and read the whole story. She will read signs in stores, logos at restaurants, and anything else she can. She loves to write as well although she needs help with a lot of words. But she can write basic sentences and is so proud of herself when she does it. She loves to draw, paint, and color. I am loving it because she can occupy herself for the longest time with paper, markers, and stickers. Success!

We started reading Anne of Green Gables together. That is by far my favorite book from childhood and I still go back and re read the series every now and then. I am loving this special time with her. Bennett is all imagination and always wants to put on plays or asks me to make up stories for her. We have tea parties with her stuffed animals nearly every day, but she is always the one in charge. I am just her humble servant. We all are.

Will- Will wants you to play with him all. the. time. Whereas Bennett can occupy herself, Will wants you to play with him. He wants to play trains, hide and seek, ring around the rosie, soccer, catch.... anything he can think of. He is all boy and goes non stop from sun up to sun down. He says the funniest things. This blog can't capture the humor of my little 3 year old with the big eyes, crooked smile, and lisp. He doesn't like it when I heat up his hot dog in the, "milky way"  and he wants to sleep in our room every night because, "it's night time and dat is when I sweep with somebodies."

Will is a little more sensitive than his stoic older sister. He gets his feelings hurt easily but is over it after a long hug. He just wants to be whenever I am. If I am unloading the dishwasher, he wants to help. If I am running to the drug store, he wants to go too. He is my sidekick and whenever I have to discipline him, he will look up at me and say with huge tear filled eyes, "Are we still buddy buddies?" I simply say, "Always."

Lainey- Four and 1/2 months old!!! What? That's not an infant! That's a baby! A baby that can roll both ways now. From her front to her back and from her back to front. She is the easiest little thing in the world. She is so content and happy. She rarely cries, thank the Lord. She loves to coo and just this week she discovered that she could squeal. And so she does. Constantly. In the aisles of the grocery store, when she sees our dog, when she rolls over... she squeals all the time.

She looks so much like Bennett did at 4 months and is just like she was as a baby. They remind me so much of each other. What a perfect addition to our family.

Me: I have started working part time at our church and I love it! I am teaching drama at an after school program for kids in grades 1-5. I cannot express enough how much I am enjoying using that part of my brain again. My love for kids and theatre has all come flooding back and I wish I could teach them every day. Hopefully as my kids get older I can start teaching more and more. My dream is still to own or work at a children's theatre full time, and even this little bit is reminding me of that goal.

Rob- He led worship a few weekends ago at a family retreat for Auburn Methodist. I was so proud of him. His is so good with people and I loved watching him engage all weekend with people of all ages. He was able to pick out music everyone would enjoy and his leadership qualities just shone through. He is always busy, but never fails to make time for his family. He is fully engaged from the second he walks in the door until the kids go to bed. I couldn't ask for a better Dad for my kids. He is currently designing a new logo for a new service at our church and again I am amazed at just how varied his talents are.

Meg: Still needy. Terrified of balloons. Terrified of thunder. And the best dog in the word. Truly.

Here are a few pictures I have taken recently. Maybe I have caught up with life now. But I doubt it. It changes every day and that what makes it so crazy, wonderful, tiring, and worth it.

Look, Mom. No cavities!

Getting ready for Valentine's Day.

Someone is ready for her exersaucer.

Bennett had her show and tell at school last week. Guess what (or who) she wanted to bring?

Lainey has started watching Baby Einstein. The older kids love to snuggle up with her and watch too. This makes me very happy because that means that I actually get to shower that day. 

Three kids makes shopping a whole lot harder. This is my life now in the store. No idea where I am supposed to put the groceries.

Fat Tuesday, baby!

Coming up: Valentine's Day, Bennett's 5th Birthday party, and our trip to DISNEY WORLD!! Whoo-Hoo! And so the adventures continue.


starnes family said...

Your kids are Just. Too. Cute!

Unknown said...

I can't believe Bennett will be 5 soon!! They are growing up too fast. Can't we please just hit the pause button?! I enjoy reading your blog and fb posts. You have such a beautiful family. Love you! ~Kara

JunkQueen said...

Glad you posted an update! As always, I'm inspired by what you and Rob are doing in your lives and in the life of your family. Keep the exciting stuff coming! (Valerie)

JunkQueen said...

Glad you posted an update! As always, I'm inspired by what you and Rob are doing in your lives and in the life of your family. Keep the exciting stuff coming! (Valerie)