Thursday, January 24, 2013

Three Months Old

At three months old our little Lainey bug can:

-sit up while supported

-grab her paci and try to put it in her mouth

-grab objects and clench them in her fist

-see faces from across the room

-reach out for you when she wants to be held

-roll over from her tummy to her back

-smile and coo constantly.

She is sleeping through the night now. She goes to bed at 7:00 every night and wakes up around 11:30 for one final feeding. And then she sleeps until 6:30 am. She has to sleep clutching something. Already at three months old she needs to hold a lambie next to her face to sleep. She is so easy going. She is by far the easiest of my three. She loves to be held, but she does not like to cuddle (sniff sniff.)
She would much rather sit up in your lap and watch everything around her. I can tell she is  a curious little one.

She doesn't mind her car seat and has already spent the night in three different states and also at her Grandparents house and her aunt and uncle's house in Birmingham.

What a priceless gift we have received. We could not be more grateful and blessed.


todell said...

She has changed so much!!! I love that she already has a start of bright red hair!

starnes family said...

She is such a pretty Lainey Bug!