Thursday, January 31, 2013

Children of the World

Our church brought in the singing group, Children of the World, a few weeks ago. Children of the World International Children’s Choir is composed of participants from World Help’s Child Sponsorship Program and has included children from Nepal, Uganda, Brazil, India, and the Philippines. Established in 2000, the Choir tours the U.S. sharing the story of millions of orphaned and disadvantaged children around the world.

Our church asked families in the congregation to host some children in their homes while they were here for the weekend and I couldn't sign up fast enough.  God has blessed us with a home that has plenty of room and I always pray for opportunities to use it for Him.

We ended up having a beautiful little girl from the Philippines named Nicole and a spunky and delightful girl from Uganda named Sure. We were not allowed to ask them personal questions as most of the children in the choir were orphans and had already seen more violence and hardship that we could ever imagine. So we just played and loved on them and enjoyed every second that they were in our care.

 Singing worship songs with Rob.

Dressing up as princesses.

They could have stayed in our playroom forever. I wish they could have.

The girls really wanted to watch movies at night. So we had movie nights complete with blankets, hot chocolate, and popcorn. They fit right into our family.

Sure loved playing with Lainey. She told us that in her village in Uganda there were babies everywhere and everyone was their Mom. If a baby cried, you just picked it up. You didn't ask permission or look for their biological Mother. Everyone cared for everyone else's children. It was so adorable watching her with Lainey.

Riding bikes on a beautiful January afternoon down South.

These girls were so creative. We set them up on our back porch with paints and markers and I am not kidding when I say that they were out there for hours. I think they went through 100 sheets of paper. They absolutely loved to draw and paint.

We met up with some other host families at a local playground so the kids could see their friends.

 Getting a lot of their energy out.

The girls asked if we had a Chuck-E-Cheese in town. Some other families they had stayed with took them and they loved it. So, of course we went. 

 Here is the whole choir performing for our church Sunday morning. I wish I had the words to describe the emotion I felt while watching them. The joy and love for the Lord that these children exude was beyond description. I always feel like I am seeing glimpses of heaven in these moments.

Our sweet Nicole.
 Sure singing her heart out.

Sadly saying good-bye after our lunch at the church. 

Beautiful blessings.

One of the many notes the girls left for us.

Rob and I are honored to support World Help and also Compassion International. We have sponsored our boy, Jean Dubelay,  for many years now. We love getting our letters from him updating us on his progress in school and just his life in general. We love that he is learning about Jesus and growing in his faith despite his outward circumstances. Jean Dubelay and our sweet girls from this weekend are so aware that they are the rich ones because they are children of a King. They have been adopted by our heavenly Father and their knowledge of this could be a lesson to all of us when we complain.

For more information on Children of the World, please visit their website at-

These children need you desperately. And by helping them, you will be blessed more than you can imagine. Please watch the video on their website. It is of the children singing a song from their tour. I hope you can feel the joy exuding from the children as much as I can. Please pray about ways you can help.

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Donnie Manis said...

Thanks so much for sharing this! It is so awesome that you got a chance to love on those children. I was especially warmed to see the pictures with Sure since I met so many children in Uganda three years ago. Praying God's blessings to y'all and to the children.