Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Six weeks old and more beautiful than ever

My little Lainey Bug is 6 weeks old. It's amazing how someone can work their way into your heart so dramatically in just six short weeks. There are only three people in this world that I can say changed my life completely in six weeks. You can probably guess who those three people are.

Lainey is a sweet sweet baby. She hasn't had any problems at all so far. No colic, no acid reflux, and no other health issues. Her biggest problem is that she loves to be held a lot, which is pretty much the perfect problem to have.

She melts my heart when she grasps my finger. I don't care how many kids you have. That will still get you every time. I love every time her big blue eyes find my face after searching for me. The small gasp she lets out is the most beautiful sound in the world.  And the best moment is feeling her racing heart beat slow down when I pick her up after she has been crying. I hold my ear close to her chest and it is just incredible when I feel her heart beat fall back into a steady rhythm once she knows that I am near.

We've been very busy since our little girl arrived. In her short little life she has moved to a new house, taken 2 road trips to Montgomery, and taken a road trip to Tuscaloosa. She has spent the night at her Grandparents house and her aunt's house. She has been to pumpkin patches, a peanut festival, church, a baby shower, meetings, the University of Alabama campus, playdates, stores, and more.

That's what you get with your third baby. Life goes on. It makes me long for that 8 week cocoon I kept Bennett in when she was born. Oh, well.

Milestones at 6 weeks-

-She can easily turn her head from side to side.
-She can reach for objects, but she can't quite grasp them yet.
-She follows you with her eyes and can follow objects that are close to her face.
-She has started smiling, and it is the sweetest thing I have ever seen.
-She has just begun to coo when she is happy and content. Best sound in the world.
-She hiccups a whole lot.
-She loves her bath. She was the only one of my kids who didn't cry during their first bath.
-She cries when you put her down after holding her. She's going to be a cuddly one.

Okay, I know these stats aren't interesting to anyone but me and my Mom, so feel free to skip on to the pictures of the most adorable six week old that I know. We love you so much, Lainey Bug. Thank you for completing our family in the most perfect way imaginable.

I love love love the annoyed look on her face. It looks like her older brother got to her before I did.

So calm and relaxed in her first bath. 

Someone adores his little sister already.

Best big sister in the world.

First smile!!!


todell said...

She's a perfect little one. I can't get over how beautiful she is! I love her "halo" her brother gave her!!

Jessie said...

Hi Lainey! I love you! She truly is the most beautiful 6 week old. So wishing I could hold her. She is so so blessed to have you for a mom. You can just tell how much you adore her. Blessed.

Shannon said...

She is absolutely beautiful!! I'm totally almost in tears because I miss that stage already. My little man is about to turn a year old in two weeks!

starnes family said...

I can't get over how gorgeous your heading is. Amazing!