Sunday, October 30, 2011

October 2011- Throwing it all out there to see what sticks

I have serious blogging deficiency lately. This used to be something I could keep up with, but I confess that the older my kids get, the more they want me to play with them. Geez.... what lame kids. I could blog a whole lot more frequently when they just laid on their play mats and blew bubbles at me.

So, I am just going to throw a whole lot of pictures on the blog and see what happens. There may not be a cohesive narrative, but at least I'm getting them out there. These are pictures from the month of October. I am not posting a lot from various Fall Festivals that we've been to, because really, do you all need to see any more pictures of Bennett riding a horse?

Here are some pictures from my parents visiting, Halloween prep, and other odds and ends.

Mommy and Daddy Suttle got here and my kids were so happy. They hadn't seen them since this summer. They stood on our fireplace and sang every song they knew to them. Every. single. song.
Mom and Dad went to Bennett's pre school class and read a story to all of the adoring 3 year olds. They were a hit!
Bennett was so happy to have her Grandmother at her school. So proud.

We did whole lot of outings while my parents were here.
And of course we had to get dressed up the watch the Alabama game. Roll Tide!!!
My parents need to come back soon!! It is way too long between visits.
After my parent left, Bennett really missed them. She came home from school the day after they left with this picture that she had drawn. Her grandparents are the biggest ones and she also drew her cousins. But I have no idea why she drew Mommy's friend, a bad guy, and corn. I don't know..... I just don't know.
Let's see...... what else? We've had a lot of fun enjoying the beautiful fall weather and all of the things that go along with the season. Hayrides, festivals, pumpkins..... I wish every month could be October.
As I mentioned earlier, we had a great time driving to Springfield, Missouri to see Riley Segars starring as Flat Stanley in a community theatre production of the show. Riley took my acting classes in Montgomery for years and was also a cast member of our kids TV show, Chain Reaction 222. Oh, and he's the son of our best friends. Needless to say when his Mom called to tell me about the production, we knew that we had to go.
Riley rocked!! Way to go, Flat Stanley!! Here are our kiddos with 3 of the 4 Segars boys outside by the marquis. The oldest Segars kid was too cool for school and decided to hang out with his friends that night. Did I really just use that phrase? No wonder he didn't want to hang out with us.
Bennett and Will with some of the awesome cast members!
We went out afterwards for some ice cream. Bennett thought she was big stuff walking through a city at night to get ice cream. Will was just upset that Mommy was too far ahead of him taking a picture.
Great job, Riley!! We are SO proud of you!!
Hmmm..... what else? Well, we had fun the other day jumping in piles of leaves.

We carved our pumpkins...

.....roasted the seeds....

.... and now we are ready for Halloween!
Happy October everyone! Forget December. This really is the most wonderful time of the year!


Nate, Abbey, Noah, Blaire and Tatum said...

Love it. Very cute! Loved the pumpkin head picture.

Caroline Armstrong said...

I agree...Fall is my absolute favorite!!! Looks like yall have been having so much fun!