Monday, October 3, 2011

40 Years Young

Rob turned 40 about a month ago, but he really doesn't look a day over 39. Okay, maybe one day older. We started the celebration this summer. He was in Alabama for only a day so I "tried" to surprise him by throwing a party while we were there. The surprise didn't work out, but he was so happy to be surrounded by close friends and family members that I got over him finding out early about the party.

What a great cake! Rob looked a little nervous though.

The whole group wanting to be as cool as Rob with their red moustaches. It didn't work. There's only one J. Robert Webster. And I claim him. How lucky am I?
Debbie and Keri trying to figure out the lyrics to our "Ode to Rob" song. Will's in the back looking for a cookie.

Our best friends in Alabama- Corey, Anthony, and Wendy. We really miss these guys.
 The beautiful and incomparable Lenore
We love Jody and the McKinnons!
Our planning team reunited- us with Cyndi, John, and Debbie

And so many more friends were able to come! Rob has said several times since that he was overwhelmed with the fact that the people he loved most in the world were all gathered together in one room. It was pretty awesome.

Then for his actual birthday, Rob met his siblings in New Orleans where they spent a weekend catching up, taking tons of pictures, and eating great food. There wasn't a better way he could spend his birthday than with his awesome sister and twin brother.

When he got home from NOLA, his best friend Shane Segars was waiting. He had driven up from Springfield, MO to spend the day with the birthday boy.

I had the house decorated. Of course. If you know me at all, you know that there are going to be some streamers. And we had balloons, a  list of 40 reasons we love Daddy, and his favorite candy bars taped all over the house.

The kids were so happy that Daddy was home from his trip and were all over the birthday boy. We opened presents right away and he got some great stuff. But the best thing was a canvas I had made that had sentences from 40 of his closest friends and family members saying what they loved about Rob.
 It was a hit. My husband doesn't get overwhelmed easily.  This got him though.

Here it is displayed in our home. A daily reminder of how special and loved my husband is.

Happy 40th Birthday to the best person that I know. And I honestly mean that. He really is quite amazing. Here's to 40 more!


Brittny said...

You guys always seem to find new ways to amaze me! And I love that about you! I'm so glad that he had such an awesome birthday (and that I got a quick visit with you during that time). I LOVE LOVE LOVE the print you had made for him!!! That is a beautiful idea!!!! Love you all and miss you all the time!

Nate, Abbey, Noah, Blaire and Tatum said...

Awesome idea about the canvas!

starnes family said...

You are such a fantastic wife. I love this gift idea and the party looks amazing!