Monday, August 8, 2011

A weekend of big firsts!

This past weekend was a gigantic, monstrous, life changing weekend filled with huge firsts for all involved. Well, not really, but it sounds really cool, doesn't it?

We started the weekend off with Bennett's first dance recital. Okay, so it wasn't really a recital. Parents were just invited into her classroom for the last class, but that was kind of a first, right? I would love to tell you that Bennett was a prima ballerina, but she was totally distracted the whole time. She just kept waving to us and yelling out, "Hey, Will!" She was THRILLED that Will was there and she made her whole class say hello to him. I wish she were that happy to see him at home.

And someone was so so proud of his big sister after the performance was over. This picture absolutely kills me.

We took the kids to Sweet Caroline's afterwards to celebrate. That is our favorite candy store in KC and fortunately it is right by our house. The kids got to have small bags in honor of our little ballerina.

That night we went out to get Will's first haircut!! Sniff... sniff.... The woman working there told me that she had been there 5 years and in that time she only had one Mom cry. I was determined not to be the second. But I was close. Too close.

Our before shot of Mr. Shaggy Mc. Shag Shag.

Will was pretty excited until they put the smock on him. Then he had a melt down.

But it wasn't anything a lollipop couldn't cure. They keep stacks of them at the salon for good reason.

And voila! Here's my little baby who looks so much more like a big boy now. I may be smiling in the back of this picture, but I am crying on the inside. Yes, I am that Mom. And yes, every single milestone will be like this. Get used to it.

Later that night, Rob and Bennett went downtown to First Fridays in Kansas City. Will crashed (probably from all of the sugar) but I thought it was keeping true to the first theme I have going on here. Bennett had a great time and I had fun staying home paying bills. Yay!

The next morning we took Will to see his first movie, Winnie the Pooh! This was Bennett's 6th movie, but the first one for our little guy.

Here he is walking to the theatre. Could he be any cuter?

Literally running with excitement in to see the movie.

Waiting for the movie to begin.

This is such a typical Will face. If you have spent any time with him at all you will know that this is a face he wears constantly. A little worried about life, I suppose. But still cute.

A happy pose afterwards. Two thumbs up for Winnie the Pooh. Will only lasted for a bout half of the movie, but Bennett loved it. And that is why she sees a whole lot more than he does.

My name is Will and I have officially conquered my first movie!

And finally, we ended our weekend of first by attending a first birthday celebration for our little buddy, Crosby. And he in turn clearly loved his first taste of cake.

I hope you all had a blessed weekend with your loved ones as well. Off to read stories to the budding ballerina and the short haircut boy. Maybe we can all make it to bed without any fighting. Now that certainly would be a first.