Saturday, February 26, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday, Bennett!!

I always get a little emotional around this time of year. I think every Mom probably feels sentimental when they remember the birth of their child. The two months leading up to Bennett's birth were a roller coaster of emotions, so I think they all come back to me in full force this time of year.

I had a DVT (blood clot) at 28 weeks with Bennett. A very severe one at that. I spent some time in the hospital, a lot of time in a wheelchair, and even more time on bed rest. Since I had to lay there and remain still so much, I had time to focus on this life growing inside of me. This beautiful, precious, and yet unknown life. I prayed for her almost hourly. As Rob put another shot full of blood thinner in me, I closed my eyes and tried to think about the baby girl that I was going through so much for.

I have several defining moments when I think about Bennett's birth. I don't think I have ever written them down here because they are so personal. But the further away you get from them, the less personal they seem. However, there is one that I wanted to share for some reason today.

- New Years Eve 2007/2008. Rob went to our church to play at a New Years Eve concert. I couldn't walk at that point, so I stayed at home and laid on the couch. At ten until midnight, I was missing being with Rob and our friends so much. I don't know why but at that moment I felt so lonely and was so scared about my upcoming birth. Did the blood clot affect her? Would I bleed too much during my delivery? Were either one of us in danger? All of a sudden, I needed to talk to someone so badly. It was 11:59 pm. Who was I going to call? So, I nudged my belly. Nothing. I kept nudging. I wanted my baby girl to give me a sign that we were going to be okay. That she was okay. That we were in this together. I pushed down firmly on my belly. Nothing. I pushed harder. I whispered to her that I really needed her right then. Then it turned midnight. People all over the world (or at least my time zone) were celebrating and I was alone. All of a sudden she kicked me. Then she kicked me again. And I started laughing as I rubbed where her little foot was. And I knew we were going to be okay. And that I wasn't alone. I knew our new year was going to start off wonderfully. And it did.

And three years later, it is only getting better.

Here are a few shots of Bennett during her 2nd year of life.


Donnie Manis said...

That is such an awesome story, Lauren. Thank you for sharing it. All of us have moments where we feel SO alone, and God can use yours to encourage the rest of us.

What a great bond for you and Bennett! Happy birthday to her!

Alanna said...

Happy Birthday Bennett! I have never met you but your mommy is the best!!

starnes family said...

I love her. Love you. Such a great family.

Carmen & Eddie said...

Thanks for sharing that sweet moment with us!!! Happy Birthday B!!!

Jillian Bennett said...

Such a wonderful story... As you know, I can relate to it. Thank you for sharing. Brooke's birthday is coming up very soon. I also find myself reliving the months before her birth. This is the week that my water broke (at 26 weeks) and I prayed like crazy for the sweet baby struggling for life. God is so good!