Friday, February 18, 2011

Bennett's hot date

Okay, let me preface this blog post by saying that I know I have been slacking lately in this whole blogging business. Maybe it's because my kids are getting older and "need" me more. Maybe it's because I am having a love/hate relationship with the Internet and am trying to cut way back on my time on it. Maybe it's just because I'm not interesting and have nothing to say. I don't know.

Regardless, here we are. And back to date night. Bennett and Levi had a date for the 2nd year in a row. We met at Winsteads and exchanged gifts and let the young loves share a special date. Our evening was cut short however when one of the star crossed lovers didn't obey their parents and had to forgo the post dinner ride on the merry-go-round. Darn those parent chaperones. They ruin everything!

Here is my beautiful Bennett getting heading out for her special Valentine's date.

Side note #1- Bennett was so excited to go on her date. She made me blow dry her hair and also paint her nails. As I finished I looked at her and got so emotional. I know this was a silly pretend date with her best friend. But one day it will be real. She was so happpy and innocent and unguarded. I was glad she meeting another 2 year old that really loves her. But one day, it will be a real date. And her heart might get broken. I had such a hard time looking at the excited and expectant Bennett knowing that one day I wouldn't be able to go with her and protect her. And I want to. I just want everyone to love and adore her as much as I do. Always.

The meeting

The boy

The girl

Best friends


Side Note #2- It is amazing to watch how Bennett and Levi truly love each other. This isn't something that we forced on them. They ask for each other all the time, call each other on the phone, and when they see each other, they start running until they find each other and can hug. I know they will grow out of it. We have about another year or two of complete lack of self consciousness, but I love it for now.

Opening each others cards. I mean seriously, how cute is this?

The third wheel was not too pleased about his lack of attention and lack of gifts. Someone needs a date of his own next year.

Nothing says "I love you" more than a milkshake.

Picking out their song on the jukebox. Two sweet Valentine's.

And I must add a quick note about my special Valentine. He took me on a lovely date the weekend before, woke up early to cook french toast for the whole family, and surprised me by sneaking back into the house when I took Bennett to swim lessons and filling it with my favorite flowers and candy.

Bennett had a pretty awesome Valentine. And so did I.

And just one final picture because this one is my favorite.

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I'm pretty sure this is the cutest thing EVER!!!!!!