Sunday, October 24, 2010

Inquiring Moms want to know

I have questions. A lot of them. They are fairly simple things that I have been pondering lately. Since LOST ended I no longer worry about important things like quantum theory. But still, some question need to be asked. And here are mine.

1. Why do playgrounds that are built for small children have so many ways for the said children to fall and plunge to their demise? Okay, I should probably replace demise with breaking an arm, but still.... My 15 month old loves to climb up the stairs at our local playground, but it scares me to death. There are so many open areas where he could fall and there are always older children running past him. Mama no like.

2. Why are people in Kansas City opposed to dresses for little girls? I put Bennett in a dress for church a few weeks ago and the nursery workers told me she shouldn't be wearing a dress. Because she can't play in a dress. I get not letting her wear dresses to school because they do art projects, and not to the playground, but not even to church???!!!??? Not happening here, folks. I am a stranger in a strange land.

3. Why can't my husband ever put the right lid for the sippy cup with the matching cup? After 2 1/2 years? Why? I have no idea either.

4. Why do people already have their Christmas decorations out?

5. Who can help me patent my latest idea? Because I don't know why nobody has invented an electronic paci dispenser yet. I am so tired of getting up in the middle of the night because Will has lost his paci. And then I hear him cry out sometimes and I go in there in a sleepy stupor to find his paci for him. It's only after I have entered his room that I realize that he has his paci and he is just crying out in his sleep. But it's too late. He's awake and knows Mama is in the room. Game over. So, I want to invent a mechanism that attaches to the crib and has 10 pacis stored in it. When you hear your child cry in the night, you pick up the remote by your bed, push a button, and the paci falls in the crib. Voila!

6. Why are the Wiggles more frightening to me that most of the serial killers profiled on 48 Hours? They truly wig me out. No pun intended.


starnes family said...

I just watched a movie where they made fun of the Wiggles. Maybe "Life As We Know It"? Can't remember. I see too many.

Love your questions. Pacifier dispenser = awesome. Maybe we could train a cow, too, to nurse on demand?

Wait. That was weird.

Nate, Abbey, Noah, Blaire and Tatum said...

That is funny! I was in there when Bennett had her cute dress on and she was just fine playing! And trust me, they all wear dresses. I will say that Blaire is having a hard time in dresses right now but that's because she is a crawler and she gets really angry when she keeps putting her knee on that darn dress, ha!

The Scott family said...

Leighton asks for a dress the minute she wakes up!! We have pajama day coming up in CBS and I'm worried that she won't consent to leaving the house in her jammies! My two ideas: dress her in the same jammies as her friend or pull out the new pair that we bought today!

To Blaire's mom-tuck her dress into her diaper cover. It's quite the fashion in the crawlers' room at our church!

Andrea said...

1. I don't know, but I'm not a fan.

2. What??!! I love Bennett in her adorable dresses! The only time I have problems with little girls in dresses is when a) they're crawling and trip on the dress often or b) when they show off their undies too much and have no bloomers or leggings under it. (Maybe that's just my kid. I should tell you the story of when Clara went to church in a pretty dress. I got home to discover she had NOTHING on under it. And I mean NOTHING. I was mortified, as I know how she sits!)

3. Does he at least remember the valve that keeps it from leaking all over everywhere? If so, he's one up on my husband. (Sorry honey!)

4. They are insane. Halloween decorations are way more fun.

5. I'd just put 15 pacifiers in bed with him when I put him to bed and hope for the best, but that's just me.

6. I'm scared of people that perky too, so it's not just you.

Anonymous said...

#2 Stand strong! Do not give in! I've said this before I think. Having been a redheaded child without much hair at all until age 3, put dresses on that girl! Everyone thought I was a boy growing up and I see why when I look at pictures. I DID look like one. At least Bennett has lots more hair now.
But keep her a girl. Girls wear dresses. There.