Sunday, October 10, 2010

Highs and Lows

My parents are in town and we have had a great weekend hanging out with them. Yesterday was a day of really high highs and really low lows.

We started the day in fabulous moods. Here we are on my front porch getting ready to go to a local Fall Festival. I LOVE Fall Festivals as I said in a previous blog post. If there is one remotely close to me, I will find it.
Another obligatory family shot. This time with the parental units.
We got there and what was the very first thing we saw? HORSES! Yes, Bennett got to ride Beauty. Every single horse is Beauty. Or Henry. And Bennett was in heaven.
Poor little Will wasn't old enough to ride the horse yet. This was his reaction.
Okay, not to be too cheesy, but this is about as close to perfection as it gets for me. I love quaint little festivals. Not the lame ones with inflatables and gross games. But authentic ones with local crafts and booths. And if I can find one of these on a crisp Fall day? Heaven.

Bennett just looks like she belongs in a catalog advertising Fall. Not like one of those even exists, but if it did, she would be in it. And I also love this shot because it looks like it could have been taken at my college in East Tennessee. This looks so much like my campus.
And here's my little man observing the changing of the seasons.

I love these men! I wanted to hang out with them all day. Have you guys seen the documentary, "Young at Heart?" They just made me happy.

Bennett learned how to play the banjo. She sat there and played Old MacDonald with these folks. I was kind of proud.
And then Rob played. I wanted to tell that sweet man that they invented styrofoam cups, but I think he preferred the taste of tin.

And that was the end of our day of highs. What you are about to read may break your heart. If you want to stop now, I completely understand. It's rather heartbreaking.

We came home and got dressed and got ready for the big Alabama game. 3rd week against a ranked opponent. On the road. Against the 'Ole ball coach. But we were ready. At least I was. Our quarterback was not.
We fell behind in the game fairly quickly. Will was very worried.

We started to come back though. Bennett had faith. We were so close to regaining the lead....

....But it was not to be. We lost. Tragically. I told you it was heartbreaking. I understand if you need a hug.

But we're fans to the end. We may not be the #1 team in America anymore, but we are still crimson to the core. ROLL TIDE!!!


Kara said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all the photos! But the last one is the best, just melts my heart!:)

starnes family said...

Seriously? Seriously? I was bracing myself for some tragedy. Don't do this again!!!!! :)

If you saw the LSU game, you know I was a total wreck watching it, even though we ended up with a W. I am about to switch teams b/c I don't think my heart can take Les Miles' decision making. Mad Hatter is right!

Punkin Will. Wanting to ride the horse. Love his football outfit.

And, those Roll Tide ones are cute, too, despite the fact that they're for the wrong team.

Did you ever turn your sign back around? Don't be surprised if I drive all the way back to KC to flip it again. I may just be crazy enough to do it.

Oh, and fall festivals.....we went to one yesterday and I'll post about it soon enough. You would have been in heaven. Cutest little town ever.

Signing off from the longest comment ever!

Brittny said...

oh how i dream of seeing fall colors. the greenery here is primarily evergreen. you might spot a tiny tree hiding among them that actually changes colors, but they are VERY hard to find. do you have any idea what it's like to have a fall with no fall colors? it's rough, my friend, VERY rough. my requirements for our next move??? 4 seasons, but i will take 3 if that's all i can get. i'm so glad you are having fun!!!

Maggie said...

Um, are those hay bales on your porch?! I am so impressed. That IS true Fall love. Sorry your team lost. As a Horns fan, I can identify. Our whole season has been like that. :-(

Anna said...

i have to admit i was a little worried too. i know. i know. it's a BIG deal...but i was worried! i LOVE that last picture! i love all the pictures! precious precious children!

Original Girl said...

Great pics! What a beautiful family!