Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy Fall, Y'all

Oh, Fall. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Okay, I'll give you two ways.

1. Football.
2. Fall Festivals

There are a hundred more, but those are my two favorites. And this weekend I got to experience both.

On Saturday Rob and I drove to Fayetteville, Arkansas to watch the Alabama vs. Arkansas game. Let me back up. WE GOT TO GO TO AN ALABAMA GAME! I don't think you all know how much that meant to me. When we moved to Kansas City, I knew I wouldn't be going to any more 'Bama games unless we went home. And they aren't usually playing games at Christmas. So, when a good friend e-mailed me and told me that that Arkansas game was an away game this year and that KC was only 3 1/2 hours from Fayetteville, I flipped. Who knew?

And so away we went. Let me preface this by saying that this was the longest I have been away from either of my kids. Yes, it was only a day, but when you live 14 hours away from your closest relative, you can't really go away for a weekend. We still got up with the kids, changed diapers, and all had breakfast together, but that was it. We had a wonderful baby-sitter spend the whole day here and Rob and I had our first day alone together in 2 1/2 years.

We got to the game and met up with our good friend Donnie who had blessed us with this amazing opportunity.

This was taken before the game started. Look at those two happy and excited people.

This was taken at halftime. Look at those two nervous and slightly erratic people.

I decided to pray in the third quarter. And I know, I know..... I know God doesn't care about football. But it was either a prayer or running on the field to strong arm Ryan Mallett and I didn't want to get arrested. So I prayed.

And whadayaknow? We won!! But it wasn't pretty. And I was sick to my stomach the entire game. This was me after the game and before we ran down the ramps singing "Rammer Jammer." I also know that song wasn't appropriate since we didn't beat the you know what out of anybody. But the only other song I could think of was "Eidelweiss" and I didn't feel like running down the ramps singing that.

It was an awesome day. I have to insert a side note here. When we got home the kids had been asleep a long time, so I hadn't seen them since breakfast. A record for us. Rob and I went to sleep and Will woke up at 2am bawling. He never does that and he wouldn't settle down, so Rob brought him into bed with us. He hasn't slept with us since he was an infant, so it was a rare treat.

Will was delighted when he saw me and he pressed his little body against mine and would not move. I would let him fall asleep and then move him to the middle of the bed. He would immediately wake up, cry, and move closer to me. This went on and on until I just let him snuggle against me. As long as he had one body part touching me he was okay. I guess he missed me as much as I missed him. He kills me.

So we decided to spend some quality time with the kids today. We found an arts and crafts festival close to our home and decided to check it out and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Bennett was THRILLED because she got to ride a horse. She absolutely loves horses. And every horse is either named Henry or Beauty. Every single one. She called this one Henry.

I call this one Rob.

Sliding down her biggest slide to date. Can you see how terrified she looks? But don't worry. She loved it once she got to the bottom.

And what would Fall be without caramel corn and apple cider?

How much do I love this weekend? Oh, and Roll Tide!


Donnie Manis said...

Love the midgame picture updates - you guys are a riot! But we had 'em all the way. :) Roll Tide!

starnes family said...

Yall are so cute at the game. Seriously!

Missing Fall in the Midwest. It was 113 here today. Not kidding. Major heat wave.

Back to normal tomorrow, hopefully!