Tuesday, September 14, 2010

First Day of School

Bennett started Discovery Ark pre-school today. I am not going to lie and say that I was perfectly fine with this. I know that it is time, but I was still pretty sad to see her go. Up until this point she has been at home with me every single day and everything she knows came from me or Rob. Every song she sings was one we taught her. It's definitely time to move on a little bit, but I was still a little misty. It's hard letting go.

This was our conversation on the way to school

Me: Are you excited for school?
B: Uh, huh. Oh, wait! Bennett ride a school bus.
Me: No, not yet, honey. Mommy is going to drive you to school.
B: NO!! Bennett ride a school bus!
Me: Sweetie, you won't ride a school bus until you are a lot older.
B: I so sad now.

Great. But she got over it in a hurry. She did tense up a little when we walked in and she told me, "Mommy stay with me at school." I wish I could, little B.

But she did wonderfully. I think she had trouble with her attention span (what's new) but she had a good time. This was our conversation on the way home.

Me: Did you have fun today?
B: Yeah, Mommy. I had so fun.
Me: Did you make any new friends?
B: Nope. Too bad.

I will say the best part of Bennett going to school (only on Tuesdays and Thursdays) was that I got to spend the morning with Will. I have not had any alone time with Will since he was born. It was SO weird. It was so...... quiet. Will played with toys and nobody snatched them away. Will and I read books without anyone getting jealous. We ran errands and I listened to my own music in the car. It was..... awesome. Having one child is so much easier. I had forgotten how awesome it was.

This will be a good transition for all of us. Bennett needs the structure and stimulation and Will and I need the time together. But, despite all of that, I was very glad when my baby came home where she belongs. :-)

Getting ready for school!

Naked little brother ruining the shot.

Watch out world, here I come.

Last hugs before I change my mind and keep her at home.

Let the adventures begin

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Anna said...

happy first day of school! addie started too...and informed me that she sat "criss cross apple sauce at circle time." she's singing songs i dont know (and havent been able to figure out) and talking about friends i dont know (yet). thankful for the break and that she's growing up...but sad she's growing up at the same time! bennett looks so cute and like such a big girl! love her cute little outfit! enjoy your tues/thursdays! i know we will too!