Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My heart

We had to leave a park today because Bennett wasn't nice to another little boy. This was our conversation as I tucked her in for her nap.

Me: Bennett, What did you do today?
B: Bennett not nice, Mommy.
Me: I know, sweetheart. Can you tell me what happened?
B: I not nice to a little boy.
Me: Mommy doesn't like it when you aren't nice.
B: I so sad Mommy.
Me: It's okay, baby. I love you.
B: I a little bit sad.
Me: Don't be sad.
B: I cry a little bit.
Me: Are you sad because you hit a little boy?
B: Yeah. I so sorry little boy. I so so sorry.
Me: That was nice Bennett.
B: Yeah. I go night night now, Mommy. I a little bit sad.

She makes my heart explode on a daily basis.


Carmen & Eddie said...

exploding here in va too!

Unknown said...

Sweet baby. She is so precious. We are all going to be "i not nice" here and there, right?
But what is so awesome is that you are shepherding her heart - so that she recognizes a behavior that hurts others.
I love that the Holy Spirit works in our lives even when we are 2.