Thursday, August 26, 2010

Catching up with friends

Some of our dearest friends in the world came to visit us this past weekend. I have blogged about our trips to visit the Segars family before and in those blogs I gushed about how much we love their family, so I will refrain from doing so again. Here are a few shots from our weekend with no gushing allowed.

Bennett LOVES Cade! He came to see her in the hospital when she was born and it has been love ever since.

Posing around an ice cream cone is a perfectly normal thing to do, right?

Bennett loved being the only girl surrounded by 5 boys. She honestly adores all of them. Even when she was really little, she would always go to the Segars boys. She prefers older brothers to her little one. Will was just happy that he had protection from Bennett.

Shane and Rob exemplifying Matthew 25:31-46

We all went to visit the Haines family because we were all involved in ministry together in Montgomery, Alabama. Who would have known 6 years ago as we hung out in 'Bama that we would all end up Midwesterners. Craziness.

And finally- enjoying special time together while discussing the difference between a cow with spots and a cow without. These things are of the utmost importance to a 2 year old.

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starnes family said...

Love the goat picture. What a great visit!

Your pics are going to remind me, though, of how great KC is!