Saturday, December 19, 2009

What I love...

- Putting Will to sleep. I love when his little body relaxes and shudders a little bit before he falls asleep

-When Bennett lays her head on my shoulder

-Sippy cups with pop up straws

-The utter delight that your baby shows when he sees your face. Nobody in the world is more delighted to see you than a 5 month old

-The way Bennett worries about me and says, "You okay, Mommy?" if I drop something or sigh

-Diaper genies

-A dark house only lit at night my Christmas lights

-A really good cup of coffee

-footed pajamas

-my life


starnes family said...

Sweetness! I really enjoyed this post.....may steal your idea!

Erin said...

You do have a good life don't you?? Thank the Good Lord above. See you soon!