Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I have a big girl

I don't have 2 babies anymore. I have one baby and one big girl and it is killing me. Bennett has changed so much from even a month ago. She loses more and more of that baby quality every day that passes and I am desperately trying to grasp every second, cherish every hug, and revel in every smile.

She can speak in 4-5 word sentences. She says phrases like, "Thank you very much," "Help me, Mommy. I'm stuck," and her favorite, "Come on, guys!" She will snuggle and watch a movie with you now. Even a few weeks ago she would only last 5 minutes before she was running around, but now she buries her head on my chest and watches all of Clifford.

She knows 6 letters and can tell you what words start with that letter. She knows M, P, B, L, and S. I didn't push her on this, but we bought her alphabet letters for the fridge a few months ago and she just took an interest in them on her own. My parents are in town and I went to a meeting at my church today and left them with Bennett. When I came home my Dad told me that he had taught her a new letter. He held up the letter "J" and he said, "Bennett, what letter is this?" She immediately said that it was J and that juice started with J. My mouth fell open and my Dad told me that he had only gone over that with her twice. She just amazes me.

But my absolute favorite thing about Bennett is how much she loves her brother. She can be a terror to other kids (Sorry Sutton and Levi) but she adores Will. She is always bringing him his blanket and his paci. She kisses his head, gives him high fives, and cuddles with him. She has never once hit him or been anything but sweet to him. He will be laying on my bed and she will crawl up on the bed and lay next to him and just sigh. I die a little bit every time.


Carmen & Eddie said...

What a big girl!!! I hear you loud and clear about the "die a little everyday!" I am in the same boat!!!

Anna said...

so precious! i cant believe how big she is! letters and sentences and sweet loving on her baby brother! i just hope addie can half as good of a big sister! i'd love to know what yall did and said to help her welcome will! any pointers would be great! many hugs to you all!