Saturday, November 1, 2008

Tricked Out

Here she is in all her glory. The cutest lion I have ever seen. And I mean that. We practiced her roar all day yesterday, but mainly she just smiled and looked very confused. Her cousin, otherwise known as an Alabama cheerleader came down to party with us. She took care of her "bestest cousin for-evah" all night long

We had a few friends over last night and we trick or treated with the best of them. We also ate way too much and played wii in the backyard on a giant sheet, despite it being way too cold to do so. Here are a few of the costumes that made their way into our home.

Here we are finding the houses with the best candy. I think I see a queen, a shepherd, and who knows what else

Bob the Builder thought about challenging Goliath to a battle. He soon realized that he needed to find another option.
Jim, Pam, and Dwight showed up, but it really isn't a party without Michael Scott, so I'm not sure if it counts.

Here are some students from Hogwarts, but again- No Dumbledore, no party.

Scariest. Costume. Ever.

And finally, our first Halloween as a family. Since little B was a lion, we had to go as a witch and a wardrobe. Naturally.


Anna said...

absolutely too clever! yall are so much fun!!!

Carmen & Eddie said...

what a creative family!!!! too cute!!!

Free Wilma said...

I'm not putting up with ANOTHER Webster brother. Two's enough!

Stacy said...

LOVE the costumes...that lion is the cutest cub I've ever seen. And I ditto Laura's comment. Is that the long lost triplet...James James?