Thursday, November 20, 2008

Differences between 7 and 8 months

7 month old- baby lays contentedly on floor while you dress her
8 month old- dressing baby is like wrestling an alligator

7 month old- baby lays in crib and calls out for you when she wakes up
8 month old- baby tries to scale the crib and yells as you find her on the other side of the crib about halfway up and inches from making a jail break

7 month old- cuddles with you while you read books
8 month old- nose dives out of your lap while trying to eat the book

7 month old- waits patiently in high chair for you to clean her face after eating
8 month old- knows exactly what Mom is doing and does NOT want that cold paper towel on her face, and so screams so you won't come near her with that cleaning apparatus

7 month old- loves to giggle at dogs
8 month old- loves to pull dogs ears and yell at them

7 month old- plays happily with toys by herself
8 month old- climbs over toys to find the most dangerous object in house

7 month old- tricks Mom and Dad into thinking parenting is really easy
8 month old- makes Mom and Dad think they should have waited a little longer before having a second.


Anna said...

FABULOUS blog post! i can so identify! wow oh wow!

terrymary said...

The Honeymoon stage is over. But, I know you are up to the challenges!

Carmen & Eddie said...

I hear ya!!!! For the wet paper towel after a meal I find that Sebastian does not fight it if I wet it with hot water... the walk from the sink to the highchair cools it off for him and then he is a happier boy!!!

The Khans said...

Lol. This is sooo true and with every month new things disappear and others appear in its place. So much fun. Never a dull moment.

Mistie said...

How funny! I am jealous of your blogspot...mine is not as cool as yours-but I am just starting...

Brittny said...

that's awesome!!! and if it makes you feel ay better, even if it had taken 3 years, you'd still have days you wonder why you got pregnant so soon! hey, i'm headed into town (aka, montgomery) on wednesday and will be there until friday, i'd love to see you so let me know if you are free. funny i know b/c you are one of the busiest people i know, but still, i'd be happy to meet you somewhere too! love yoU!!!