Monday, September 8, 2008

Thank Goodness it's Monday

I never thought I would feel that way. In fact, I can see my 12 year old self reading this blog disapprovingly. But after a l-o-n-g weekend, I am finally resting on Monday. Since Thursday I have driven to Birmingham to celebrate my sweet niece turning 3, driven to Georgia to celebrate my sweet husband turning older than 3, attended a rehearsal dinner, a wedding, and a reception, cooked a lot of food, and shopped more than my budget allowed. I helped throw a baby shower, ran 6 morning worship services, an evening worship service, and cared for a 6 month old.

I woke up this morning with every intention of cleaning my neglected house, but I think instead that I am going to drink my coffee, sit on my porch swing, and stare at the clouds. Because I can.


Carmen & Eddie said...

wow!!!! that sounds like a super crazy weekend!!! rejoice in your quiet Monday and do yourself right:)

Carmen Andres said...

oh, girlfriend, can i ever relate! heh, mondays are my favorite days in this section of my life.