Friday, September 19, 2008

Are you kidding me?

So I went shopping the other day which deserves a blog entry of its own, seeing as how I hate shopping. But, I drug myself to the store and attempted to buy clothes for a body that's not quite back to its pre-pregnancy size, but I like to pretend that it is anyway. So, this is what I found.

And my question is: ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I know I am not on the cutting edge of what's trendy these days, but didn't I wear this stuff in 1985?

And while I like the 80's as much as the next girl, I am not quite ready to pull out my keds. Once you go neon, believe me, you can go back. I do have fond memories of the 80's. I loved my garbage pail kids, jam shorts, side ponytails, Jem and the Holograms, shirt corners tied in knots, care bears, and Madonna. Oh, how I loved taking my little white boom box outside and shakin' it to Whitney Houston and NKOTB!!! However, I went to a Christian school, so I also had to shake it to my Twila Paris and Sandi Patti tapes. I had my requisite Kirk Cameron poster on my wall and I do believe that I owned an Alf doll.

All that being said, it was great. It was fun. It is nostalgic. And it is over. I refuse to wear neon again. I refuse to shop until this trend is over. And I refuse to wear slap bracelets all over again. I do, however, plan to download a few NKOTB songs. Some things are just a little too dear to the heart.


Lori Mercer said...

HeeHee!! Thanks for the trip down memory lane! :) Now I have a NKOTB tune stuck in my head!

The Khans said...

Thanks for taking the high road Lauren. I did start this post back when you and one other friend tagged me, but never finished it. Sorry :-) However, I would love company eating popcorn and ice cream. Anytime!

Brittny said...

Ok, my first thought was, they skipped winter clothes all together and went to summer again. I know that they like putting items out way before the season arrives, but this seems weird. Just as crazy as the fact that 80s is back again!!!! Were we not laughing 20 years ago that this was going to be a time that we didn't seem again in fashion? never say never, right!

Carmen & Eddie said...

I was in the mall today... there has no neon here in va!!! as for NKOTB- that is my big 30 splurge!!! Oct 2!!!

Jen B. said...

Oh my word...I am crying laughing!!! I am also a Lover of the 80s; but the music more than the clothes...or haircuts, btw!