Tuesday, May 6, 2008

We have a funny kid

Bennett has such a great personality. I know she is only 10 weeks old, but her facial expressions crack us up. She has the best smile that we are completely unable to capture on camera. We can catch the sort of half grin, but not the light up your face smile that we love. But here are a few pics of Bennett that capture her at this age perfectly.

This is her, "So, what are we doing today?" face

I know I should be comforting her rather than taking pictures, but this is my favorite face that she makes. We see it several times a day and it cracks me up every time. This is her, "I am so not in the mood for you right now" face.

And this is how our little girl sleeps. We call this her "conductor" pose. For some reason she loves to sleep with her arms straight up in the air. Hey, whatever works.


Stacy said...

Sophie walked in the room while I was looking at this post and said, "Oh! What a CUTE baby!" I concur. That girl is destined for the stage...

Adam said...

she's gonna be a thespian!

Mommy S. said...

Well, it looks like we have another "Drama Queen." She will fit right in. Cute, cute, cute!

Jimmy P said...

How cool!

She looks like Mom in the first pic, but is an exact resemblance of Dad in the second.

dad said...

Those are great shots. I agree that the second one looks like her dad, especially after he has had to eat at Chik Fil A for the 8th time in a week.