Saturday, May 31, 2008

Hello Muddah Hello Faddah

We wrapped up another great season of "Chain Reaction 222" by celebrating at Camp Chandler. We normally do longer trips at the end of our season, but I wasn't quite ready to leave Bennett overnight, so we took a day long trip to a nearby camp. Bennett was awesome. I think she has been grumpy the past two days because she misses camp. Well, I am sure she misses the attention she received when she was with 30 adoring kids all day. It was incredibly hot and we were all tired and sweaty, but it was a wonderful way to celebrate a fabulous year. And really, Bennett is like my 31st child. I have 30 other kids who came before her that I love tremendously. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than seeing kids use the talents that the Lord blessed them with to glorify Him.

Waiting to jump in the lake

Getting a diaper change in the woods. Hey- we're flexible.

Hey Mom, camp totally rocks!

Yep, that's me on the top of that pole. I am about to jump off of it and attempt to grab a trapeze before falling to the ground. Considering the fact that I was in a wheelchair 5 months ago, I am pretty proud of this picture.

Rob gave a great devotional to the kids about why we do this TV show and what it means to live a life that honors and pleases the Lord.

And finally, me with my three blue plate winners- Sam, Christopher, and Kelsey. The kids get paper plate awards every year and these three got blue plates (replacing the oh so boring blue ribbons) for being such awesome cast members. Have I mentioned that I love these kids?

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Amanda said...

I'm a camp junkie - having been a camper for 8 years and a leader for 3 at Camp Winnataska in Pell City, AL. I know how important it is for young children and teens to see the true beauty of God's creation AND have tons of fun in the process. I mean, what better way to lead a devotional about His awesomeness than standing in front of a gorgeous waterfall at sunset! I miss camp!!!!! (wow, I'm a dork). I hope the kids had as much fun as I did as a camper!! And it sure looks like Bennett will be back for more "roughin it" in the future.