Saturday, February 20, 2016

Bennett's 8th Birthday Party: An Evening in Paris.

We have another week with a 7 year old little girl in our house, but we celebrated a week early with a few friends. Bennett did not want a big party. Rather she wanted to go to a hotel in downtown Dallas and have an evening out with her family. We will be doing that next weekend so we invited a few of her closest friends to come over on a Friday night and have an evening in Paris. Is she my daughter or what?

Dining room decorated with a Parisian theme.

First year that I didn't make her cake. And I don't regret it one bit. :)

Getting ready for the guests

The kids probably wanted pizza, but Bennett insisted on a french menu. What do you do with that? So we had baguettes, cheese, buts, grapes, eclairs, and the girls all made their own crepes. One little girl told me it was "super fancy." 

 My soon to be 8 year old. Oh, how I love this girl.

Before we go to Paris, let's just hang out on the trampoline.

When everyone we arrived, we decorated chef's hats.

Will was supposed to go out with Rob during the party but it looked like the girls were having too much fun, so he stayed.

Hot Mess would have been a more appropriate title.

Filling their crepes with toppings

Choices, choices

We're  missing a few from this picture, but the girls (and Will) were ready for their fancy dinner party.

Opening presents

Shopkins, of course.

You can't have girls in pajamas and not have karaoke. However they did not sing French songs. They sang Taylor Swift songs. Of course.

Happy 8th birthday, my love. It seems like we were just celebrating your first.

The realization that Mommy bought trick candles.

Winding up the evening by watching Grace stirs it up. An American girl movie about a girl who goes to Paris and studies baking. 

Parting gifts for our guests. Macaroons and Eiffel Tower soaps.

Happy 8th Birthday, Bennett! It's too early and I haven't had enough coffee to keep me from becoming too sentimental and mushy, so I will save that for your actual birthday post. I love you so much.

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