Saturday, June 6, 2015

Whew! We made it.

Well, we technically moved to Texas 10 months ago, but I am going to go ahead and say that we've been here a year.

Because school is finally out. And piano and dance recitals are over. And end of the year parties are complete. And soccer and t-ball games are over. Church programs have ended. Teacher gifts have been handed out, lives have been celebrated and lots of memories have been made.

And I am exhausted.

Because, honestly, this has been the hardest year of my life. I have been through a lot of change and made many moves. I went to the same private school K-6th grade and then moved to the suburbs of Washington DC when I was 12 where I was suddenly in a huge school and I didn't know a soul. I went to college 7 hours from home where I didn't know anyone. I spent summers working at various theatres across the country where.... you guessed it, I didn't know anyone. I moved to New York, back to Alabama, to Kansas, back to Alabama and now to Texas where I have never had a familiar circle.

But this one has been the hardest. Maybe it's because I'm older and just frankly tired, but this year has worn me out.

I remember sitting on my bed last summer in Dothan with tears streaming down my face trying to look at houses online, look at dance studios, find soccer leagues that were still enrolling, get records from pediatricians, enroll in schools, and so much more. So so much more.

And maybe it's because I am tired of saying good-bye, but I haven't had as easy of a time making friends. I think people are just settled into their groups. And most people have family close by. Our family of 5 is as tight as can be, but I do get sad when we are the only ones at recitals and games and other kids have huge cheering sections.

But we made it! We are a year in and I could not be happier for that. Friendships are being formed. Traditions are being made. And we are feeling settled. Bennett is so excited that she is going back to the same school next year where her little brother will join her. I started working part time in the children's ministry at our church and am loving it. Rob is really enjoying his job and the Dallas area has been a blast to live in. Our family loves adventures and there are plenty of those to be found around here.

I will always wish that I could live closer to Alabama, but for now we are settled. And I am so happy that our year of transition is over. Happier than I can possibly tell you.

Here's to a happy summer filled with friends, family, sunshine and relaxing. A lot of relaxing. And no more moving. At least for another year. :) With us, you just never know.

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Anonymous said...

You simply must celebrate this milestone. Big time. With pie.