Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Celebrating our 2 year old

For Lainey's birthday, I decided to go low key this year. Like, really low key. If you look over at my most viewed blog posts, Will's 2nd birthday is by far my most viewed post. I see searches for "train birthday" popping up constantly and I am thrilled. I loved doing that party for Will. In fact, making that train late at night with Rob is one of my favorite memories. He and I had a lot of fun figuring out how to construct that thing and then we painted it in stages for a week. I adored that birthday party.

My friends and I have had a lot of talks about kids birthday parties. In this age of Pinterest and Etsy, what is too much? My philosophy is that the kids don't care either way. They are happy with a store bought cake and a balloon and they adore big themed parties as well. Do what you want to do is how I look at it. If you have the time and energy to do a big party and you do it because you sincerely enjoy it, then go ahead. If you don't, then don't. It's pretty simple in my book. 

Anyway, I knew Lainey wouldn't ever remember her 2nd birthday cake, but I thought that my older kids would always remember making their little sister's cake, so I let Bennett and Will make it this year. They made it from scratch and I was so proud of them.

We chose to do an Elmo cake so the frosting was a bit tricky because we wanted it to look like fur and not smooth icing, but my meticulous little buddy did a great job.

It was a pretty tedious process. They rolled out the fondant themselves.

The finished product. Sure, it might have looked better if I had made it and it certainly would have looked a whole lot better if we had used an Elmo pan or ordered it from a bakery, but we had fun, Lainey recognized Elmo right away and it was delicious. A total win in my book.

This was it for my decorations. All I did. Again, Lainey loved them and I spent $2.I did fill her room the night before with a package of balloons. I do that every year for the kids so their room is filled with balloons when they wake up.

My parents came to visit for Lainey's big day so we took her to the mall while Bennett and Will were in school. She got to go to the Disney Store and then play on the playground. She ate Chick-Fil-A at the Food Court and her grandaddy bought her a cookie. What more could a 2 year old want?

Oh, maybe a ride on the merry go round. That's what.

When the big kids got home from school we went to a little farm that is only 5 miles from our house. Lainey got to feed goats and pet sheep.

And who do you think hopped on a horse first? Some things never change.

So, I think only one of my girls likes horses. You couldn't get Bennett off of a horse when she was 2, but Lainey is terrified of them. No riding horses for this one.

That's more like it. Well, 2 out of 3 isn't bad.

Lainey thought she had better stick to looking at animals in pens.

Are they not the cutest?

After awhile we took a wagon ride through this old western town. It was fascinating. My parents had to stop and have a drink in the saloon.But don't worry. My Mom is holding a bottle of water to prove that she isn't serving alcohol to minors.

And I had to add this video. I started to video Bennett and just asked her where she was. Without skipping a beat, she launched into this little spiel about being at the Tumbleweed Cafe. The imagination on this kid is awesome.

On to more touring of the abandoned town. I considered leaving them here.

Lainey bug with her grandparents on her 2nd birthday.

We came home and had her amazing sibling made Elmo cake and then opened a few presents.

As you can see by the back of the cake, my older kids got a little tired of frosting the cake by the end.

And a final goodnight story after a long day of malls, playgrounds, merry-go-rounds, farms, wagon rides, cake and presents. Whew!

And I have to end this post by bragging on my baby a little bit. She really is a smart girl and at her 2 year check-up she got her first "A." And it was actually an A+. She got it in development. When the doctor came in to do her well check up she was singing songs, counting and telling the doctor all of her colors. Whenever the doctor asked her a question she would answer and if she didn't know it, she would say, "I not know, doctah." I was told that they give out A's fairly often, but an A+ is rare.

She is also a really tall kid rocking the 96th %. I am so proud of this little bugaboo. She is a headstrong, stubborn, funny, loving and unpredictable ball of energy. We all love her so much and we hope she always knows how incredibly loved she is.
Happy 2nd Birthday, Lainey Kathryn Webster!!!

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Jennifer @ Belclaire House said...

So perfect! I'm so with you on the birthday parties. I love the creative process and sometimes get carried away, but sometimes it's just easier to go low key. The kids are happy with so little at this age we should take advantage :) So glad to see you settling in to Texas so well! My good friend started an organization there called The Birthday Party Project that gives birthday parties for children in homeless shelters and other places like the Ronald McDonald House. It's the most fun thing ever and great for the older kids. I'm hoping to bring it here to KC soon!!! Love keeping up with your adventures. Hopefully we can meet up next time I'm in Dallas!