Thursday, June 19, 2014

Will's pre-school graduation.

We celebrated Will's pre-school graduation a bout a month ago so it's finally time I got some pictures up on the blog.

Is this my baby boy? I mean, it can't be, right? This is my Will on his last day of pre-school. What an incredibly handsome and grown up young man he is turning into.

And just so I can get weepy for a bit, here is Will on his first day of -pre-school and then on his last.

My parents drove down from Montgomery for his pre-school graduation. Since I had taught pre-school enrichment all year, I was in charge of all of the music for the program. I loved working with the kids and I was sad to see all of them graduate, not just my son.

Here is sweet Will sneaking in a wave to his grandparents as he entered the sanctuary.

Will was selected to hold the Christian flag while saying the pledge.

Sing it loud and proud!

All of the kids got to go up front and say what they wanted to be when they grew up.

Here is the video

But in case you couldn't understand him, he said he wanted to be a Daddy. In the middle of all of the firefighters, policemen, doctors, engineers and athletes, my sweet son said he wanted to be a Daddy. Oh, how I wish you all could know this little boy. He really does have one of the tenderest and kindest hearts I have ever seen. His big sister checked out of school to be there to support him. She was so proud of her little brother.

Will and his best pre-school friend, Macy.

Our graduate!

Saying good-bye to his beloved teacher, Mrs. Erin.

Will, we are so proud of you. The Lord has blessed you with a quiet spirit and a concern for others that is so rare in a boy of your age. We know that He will use those gifts according to His will and purposes and He guides and directs your life. You are an incredible gift to our family. Every day since July 1st, 2009 has been richer and fuller simply because you have been in our lives. We love you far more than you will ever know.


starnes family said...

That happened fast. He looks so grown up!

Unknown said...

I miss ya'll! This post was precious and I am shocked at how BIG all of the sweet babies are! Lauren, you looked BEAUTIFUL at the graduation! Love, Susan

Krista said...

All R wants to be when she grows up is a mommy... or maybe a superhero... wait, I think that's the same thing.