Sunday, March 30, 2014

I'm still here

We have had a crazy month, my friends. A really hard month and yet one that has allowed us to see nearly every family member on both sides even though none of us live in the same city.

At the very beginning of March we received word that Rob's father was in failing health and did not have much longer to live. Although this was expected, it was hard nonetheless. Rob flew to West Virginia to be with his siblings and to say good-bye to his Father. James Lang Webster passed away on March 11th.

Rob flew home for a few days and then we all drove to West Virginia for the funeral. I'll blog more about that later, but it was a wonderful weekend honoring an amazing man.

We drove home and then three days later we left with my family for a Spring Break trip that had been planned for months.

However, in those short three days we were home, a car hit Rob from behind and totalled our car. Nice.

But we had a wonderful time at the beach. It was a nice week to relax after such an emotionally draining month. Rob and I had some much needed alone time together as well to pray, think, and talk about his father. Oh, and search for a new car. Geez.

We got back yesterday and I am ready to put March in the rear view mirror and am very much looking forward to this Spring.

Oh, and Bennett lost her first tooth. And learned to ride a bike. And Will started doing math. And reading more. And Lainey is saying new words every day. I can't keep up.

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