Thursday, December 5, 2013

Humble Brag

Okay, I've held off long enough. I've been wanting for so long to blog about what Bennett has been up to, but I absolutely know that it will come across as bragging. But I can't contain myself any longer. Fair warning: if you don't like blogs where Mom's shamelessly brag about their kids and their accomplishments, then look away now. This blog post is not for you.

Okay, are you still reading? Last chance to click off of this webpage.

Because here I go....

My daughter is awesome! I am so so proud of her.

Bennett is reading up a storm. She already goes to a magnet school which she had to test to get into and in her Kindergarten they have an advanced reading program and B is at the top of her class. Her teacher wrote me a note and told me that out of all the A/R kids (and there are only 8 in the class) Bennett was the only one to have gotten 100 on all of her tests.

Way to go, Bennett!

Plus, she began taking piano just 4 months ago and she can already play really well for her age. Her teacher usually won't start teaching 5 year olds, but Bennett wanted to and the teacher is a friend of ours, so she agreed.  Bennett has taken to it like none of us could have anticipated. She plays constantly. We never have to ask her to practice. She runs in the door from school and starts playing. And she's really good. A few nights ago Bennett played through her Christmas book and we were all singing along.

Although I miss my little girl who dressed up in princess dresses and put on pretend plays, I am loving my piano playing big girl who can read chapter books with ease.

Bennett, if you are reading this one day, know how proud your Mommy and Daddy are of you. But also know that your identity is not found in your intelligence or your talent. Your identity is rooted in Christ and He has blessed you with a great mind which He expects you to use for His glory. I know that this is just the beginning of an incredible path He has placed before you. I can't wait to see how your journey unfolds.


starnes family said...

Brag on, sister! She's awesome!

Jessie said...

I'm so proud of her too! Not that I'm surprised...look at her parents!

Allison's Alley said...

Way to go Bennett!!

Allison's Alley said...

Go Bennett! She's awesome!