Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Camping, Graduating, and Swimming, Oh My!

Whew! So so much to catch up on. My oldest is reading, my middle is swimming, and my youngest is crawling. Between the books, pools, and baby gates we have had a lot of fun adventures. I'll try to capture as much as I can before they move on to the next milestones. I feel like they all just hit hyperdrive and I am desperately trying to keep up and savor each moment.Whew. Deep breaths.

 Rob took Bennett and Will camping at a local park here in Dothan. They had a great event where families were allowed into the park after hours to camp. They provided dinner and breakfast and the families got to go on wagon rides, pet animals, and go on a nature walk by moonlight. Very cool.

My beautiful Bennett graduated from pre-school. When did this happen? Anyone remember this little girl on her first day of pre-school?

And here she is on her last. I must say that watching her in her pre-school years has been a joy. I cherish all of the art projects, pancake days, Christmas programs, dress like a character day, water days, and much more. Seeing her discover shapes, colors, numbers, scriptures, and words has been a delight and I couldn't be prouder of the young lady she is turning into. I love this little one with every ounce of my heart and I pray she keeps her curiosity and love for learning and I pray God shows me how to encourage and guide her in the years to come.

 My parents drove down for her big day. Bennett was so happy they came to see her graduate.

Speaking of my parents, their pool officially opened for the summer. Hooray! Okay, so it is a 2 hour drive, but what is that when it comes to summer fun? Lainey absolutely loved her first time in the pool. 

 And finally, here are just some random shots from life these days that I love. Here is Will dancing with his best friend, Macy. These two are just adorable together.

Bennett has taken over the bedtime reading. She wants to read to Will now and so she does. She reads texts on commercials, signs on restaurants, and pretty much everything in sight. I am so proud of her!

Her own creation on a summer morning. This kid does not need toys. Just her imagination.

Speaking of which, Bennett threw a tea party and Lainey was her honored guest.

 Rob got to film a video for a zip line company so the kids and I tagged along. It was the perfect way to spend a summer evening. Lainey and I hung out and watched people go down a zip line and the kids ran all around the beautiful property for hours. It was a gorgeous evening in the deep South and I loved being outdoors and enjoying it with these awesome people.

We've been working on teaching Bennett to ride a bike without training wheels. Let's just say that she isn't a very willing student. Reading may be her thing, but balancing on two wheels is not. Hopefully by the end of the summer.

And this is how I spend a lot of afternoons. I love my front porch so much and one of the main reasons is this right here. I am sitting in a rocking chair with some lemonade watching Will ride by. Kind of perfect.

There's a great water park in Dothan called Water World. I grew up in Montgomery and the children's group from my church would come to Dothan in the summer to go there. We went there for the first time yesterday and immediately bought season passes. The kids were having so much fun...
....until Will discovered that he wasn't tall enough to ride the big slides. He was absolutely devastated.

It didn't help that Bennett was tall enough and had an absolute blast.

 Sorry about that, buddy. Maybe by the end of the summer you'll be tall enough. And if not, I'll go get you some swim shoes with heels. But to end on a positive note,  here's a video of my buddy swimming!

Here's to a fun filled summer!

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