Friday, April 26, 2013

Day at the Beach

 Oh, how I love living an hour and a half from the beach. It makes it the best day trip possible and we plan to do it as much as we can this summer. We can wake up, feed everyone breakfast, and load the car. Then we just drive down while Lainey has her morning nap in the car. We get there before lunch and we can spend the whole day at the beach. I can walk around the little town of Seaside during Lainey's afternoon nap while she sleeps in the stroller. We can eat dinner while watching the sunset and then we load up and head home at bed time and everyone sleeps in the car. Perfect! Here are some pictures from our random day in Seaside, Florida.

My handsome little guy.
I love this picture of Rob with his three young 'uns. My favorite peeps.
Future snowbird, perhaps? Someone is loving the beach.
We're here!

 I adore this picture.
 Lainey was not fond of the ocean. The water was a bit cold and this was her reaction when the waves washed across her feet.
 Come on it. The water's fine.
 I adore this shot. May be a framer for her room.

 What'cha looking at?
 See ya later, guys. Time for my nap.
The following are just a bunch of shots I grabbed while strolling around Seaside while Lainey was napping.
The kids were done playing on the beach by this point so they found us and we hung out in Ruskin Square. Grabbing a treat to share from Modica Market was a no brainer.
 We found the tree where we took one of my favorite pictures ever of Bennett when she was 20 months old.
 Flashback. Sigh..... The tree looks the same, but my daughter definitely does not.
 Clearly Bennett is a lot more fearful now. She and Will were kind of nervous to be climbing that tree.
 Even though my kids were fighting and Will was walking away mad at his big sister, I still love this shot. It makes me laugh. It captures life these days for sure.
 Sweet moment. Will running to the beach.

 Happy Lainey!
 Me and my girls.
 Lainey is just thrilled that her feet aren't in that cold water.
 Great day at the beach. Let's do it again next weekend. I wish.

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