Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pumpkins, Fairs, and Infants....Oh, My!

Whew! I am officially tired. I don't think I have the energy to write anything that would remotely be interesting to anyone, so I think I will just post pictures of our life these past 2 weeks and let the captions speak for themselves. Even just typing that sentence made my brain hurt. I need sleep. And I need for this move to be over. And I need ice cream. Just because.

Could this little thing be any cuter? I think not! What an absolutely beautiful and perfect addition to our family.

Lainey is getting ready for Halloween here. She is practicing her terrified face because she is fully aware of the danger lurking behind her. It comes in the shape of a 3 year old big brother.

But no need to be worried little one. He adores you.

Bennett and Will are fascinated with the fact that there is now a baby in our swagger wagon. Apparently buckling her in her carseat is a huge deal and worthy of an audience and lots of applause. I like it!

The kids got to go on a field trip to a local pumpkin patch with their classes. I hated not being able to go. But since we didn't think it would be best to take a 9 day old on a pre-school field trip, Rob took a few hours off of work to go with them. I was grateful. Mainly because he got good pictures.

Hey, look! They are being sweet to each other. Grab a picture quickly!!

Bennett's class. I don't know why she is posing like that. Wait a minute. Yes, I do. Because it's Bennett.

Bringing flowers home for me and their Grandmother. 

Educational Rob (not to be confused with Citizen Rob) was driving them home and discovered cotton fields on the side of the road. Ignoring any private property signs that might hinder his learning opportunity, Educational Rob pulled the car over and took the kids in the field to teach them all about cotton. And then I spent the next 2 days cleaning tufts of cotton out from every corner of our house.

Rob also took them to the local botanical gardens one day when Lainey first came home so they could see all the scarecrows. I love that my daughter was born in my favorite month, but I hate that I am missing all the fun activities this year. But I am thrilled that Rob takes so many pictures so I can live vicariously.

Things weren't always dull back at the ranch though. One night Will colored all over his duvet cover with a furniture maker. And one night he found a tube of Desitin and smeared it EVERYWHERE! And I mean everywhere. Here is a picture of a remorseful little boy hiding in the closet. You can see the evidence of his handiwork on the closet door.

We drove to Montgomery last weekend so our amazing friend Suzanne Williams could do a newborn photo shoot with Lainey. Here are Bennett and Will hanging out and terrorizing Suzanne's house waiting patiently

The master at work!

Lainey got to meet her Aunt Beverly for the first time. 

And my Dad and Rob took the kids to the Alabama National Fair. Yes, I said National. I don't know why it is a National Fair. I just go with it. And this was once again an event I missed out on due to having a week old baby. That's alright. There's always the National Peanut Festival in November. Don't think for one second that I am missing that one.

Bennett was so excited to ride the ferris wheel with her Granddaddy

Will, however, was not. He was terrified and Rob dragged him on there literally kicking and screaming. Of course he was fine the second the ride started. Typical. He's so fickle.

More fun at the fair!

The next day we went to another pumpkin patch but this time I got to go!! And we met my sister and her family there. My kids were super excited to see their cousins and aunt and uncle.

Two out of the three loves of my life

Family time! We sure do miss Kansas City, especially in the Fall, but days like this make it completely worth it.

And the best part was letting Lainey get to know her cousins. They passed her around all day while we all just hung out and watched the Alabama game. It was kind of perfect.

Although our days have been busy, we usually spend most evenings just looking at this beautiful little one.

What a crazy two weeks. It will be even crazier as we are moving tomorrow and Saturday and will then spend the next week unpacking. Then either Rob or myself will be out of town for the next 4 weekends in a row! But life is wonderful, busy, and blessed. We wouldn't have it any other way.


Anonymous said...

Was Bennett bustin' a move in the pumpkin patch?

Was there music or was it just in her head?

I love that!

October is a redhead's best month.

Caroline Armstrong said...

yall take the most gorgeous pictures!!! I loved catching up and seeing precious Lainey....beautiful family!!!! I know yall are doing grear as a family of 5