Thursday, June 28, 2012


I wanted to share some pictures of saying good-bye to our dear friends in Kansas City. I hope one day that this blog can serve as a journal of sorts for our children and I really want them to remember their first friends. The ones they learned to walk with, share with, laugh with, and play with. I don't know how much they will remember of these sweet children, but I know I always will. And I will always be thankful for the friendship they gave to my kids during their formative years.

Bennett's best friend, Levi. I don't know what we are going to do without this sweet little boy. I have so many unposted pictures of the two of them, but if you want to see some more, click on this link.

Will's best friend, Rachel. He has already asked to go play at her house 8 times in the week since we have moved.

And here are my kids with their 2 besties, Levi and Rachel. Who knows? I may end up missing these little ones more than my kids do. I have watched them grow since they were babies. Sigh..... thank goodness for facebook. Their Moms had better post tons of pictures of them growing up.

My kids also adore their dear friends, Ridley and Sadie. I love these sweet girls and am so thankful for all of the playdates and time spent hanging out together as families.

And Bennett became very close to three little girls in her pre-school class this year. Here she is with Haleigh and Charlotte at Chick-fil-A.

And both girls plus Emmy Grace stopped by to say good-bye to her two days before she moved. I am praying that she will find such good friends next year at her new school.

And then there are my friends.... man, I miss them already. I don't have any pictures of our dear friends, the Haines family. We always took pictures when we were out on Terry's phone and he never sends them to me! And Rob had several going away parties that we didn't take pictures at. His office had one for him as did the church where he led worship. I wish we had taken our camera, but we were so grateful for everyone being so gracious and kind and helping us as we moved.

We did have a final get together with our amazing small group. The best one ever! Here is a group shot of some of the folks we will miss the most in Kansas City.

And my dear KC girls had a going away dinner for which was so special and meaningful. I cannot thank them enough for sending me away on such an encouraging and loving note. Here are all the beautiful ladies.

My beautiful co-hostess for the evening and midnight movie watching partner in crime, Erica. I would give anything to hear her laugh right now. Just looking at this picture is making me homesick.

Two of the truest and kindest friends I will ever have, Jai and Krista.

The four pregnant Mamas trying to beat the heat. Three of us are having girls. One could be, but she won't find out until delivery. I am sad that our little girls won't all grow up playing together.

My very first friend in Kansas City, Rani. Such an encouragement over the years! And the source for nearly all of Will's wardrobe. :-)

My beautiful friends, Jessica and Kerry. Jess was so comforting this year and really walked me through my struggle of watching my cousin suffer with ovarian cancer. Her prayers and tears shed with me will always mean so much and Kerry has been one of my dearest friends these past few years. Even as I was typing this blog post, I got a text from her checking on me. So thankful for these friends.

Enjoying a beautiful dinner at Erica's with a theme of Kansas sunflowers. Of course.

And finally, my best friend, Jessie. I don't have the words to describe this girl. When I moved to KC and didn't have any family, she took me in. She invited us to spend every holiday with her family and I took her up on most of them. I have held her babies in the hospital and been there for their baptisms. She has literally carried me to up to my bed when I couldn't walk due to back pain. We have spent Superbowls, BBQ's, and countless birthday parties together. We have run out to Bon Jovi concerts spontaneously and hidden in the mall from tornadoes. She took me to my first KU basketball game and I taught her how to say, "Roll Tide." We have watched terrible 80's movies together while eating ice cream and gotten on our knees and prayed together during tough storms. We have brought each others meals, watched each others kids, and lived life together. I already miss my best friend so much but thank goodness for daily phone calls during naptime! May they never stop.


Brittny said...

Ok, I don't know any of these people, but I know how amazing YOU are and so I know they are too. But I'm fighting back tears for you while reading this. I know how hard it is to leave dear friends and hate it every time we have to move. All I can say is something you probably already know. God will always bring us dear friends in times and places when we thought we couldn't make ones that would carry a torch to the ones we are leaving behind. (Well, I hope that made sense!) My best friend just left 45 minutes ago and is headed back to TX and my heart feels sad already. So probably not the best time to read this post. I LOVE YOU!!!!!

Nate, Abbey, Noah, Blaire and Tatum said...

Such a sweet post, Lauren! You are missed!

Jessie said...

insert ugly cry

love you