Sunday, June 26, 2011

Potty Humor

This blog post is for the many of you out there who have ever taken your children to a public restroom. Once the potty training begins, any chance of you ever leaving a public restroom without being completely embarrassed vanishes.

I have known this for awhile, but now that Will is talking more, he has doubled my humiliation and therefore prompted this blog post.

The following are all phrases that have been uttered by my children while in public. I hope the public forgives me.

1. Great Job, Mom!! You went pee pee. I'm so proud of you!

2. Mom, you can do it. Just relax!

3. Mommy, is Will going to poo poo in the bathtub again?


5. Mommy, are you going potty AGAIN? YOU JUST WENT!

6. Come on, Mommy!! If you go potty like a big girl, I'll give you a sticker! You did it!! Way to go, Mommy!

7. Why is my pee pee yellow?

Sigh..... Keep in mind that since my kids are so close in age, most of the phrases were said (or yelled) while I was trying to keep Will from crawling out of the bottom of the door, so I am balancing her on the potty, struggling with Will on one knee, or trying to go myself with two little faces staring at me. This is when I silently bemoan my life under my breath. Not really. But sort of.


Brittny said...

Those are awesome!!!!!! Mine used to say, "Did you go poo poo? Can I see it?" While I'm shouting, "NO! I don't have to and stop trying to see what I'm doing! And please stop talking!" I have a hilarious bathroom story that a co-worker told me, but I can't put it on here, too embarrassing!

Erin said...

That is hilarious! Mine said just this morning while going to the potty, "Look mommy, my pee pee is swirling around the potty"! YEAH......

The Khans said...

Never enough potty humor :-)

starnes family said...

I'm dying over "Just Relax". Awesome.