Sunday, December 19, 2010


A long overdue post about the youngest member of our clan. Big news on the Will front. He finally has hair. Just a little. But it's there. And it is finally official. We shall remain a family of redheads. No need to change the blog name, friends. Now, the banner.... yes we should probably update it. I think that has been up there since Bennett was 5 months old. Baby steps.

- Will is growing up. I don't want to admit it. I still like to treat him like he is a newborn, but he clearly is not. He's not nearly as verbal as his big sister was at this age, but he knows just as much. He really understands most everything you tell him. He just can't communicate as well. Typical male.

-His 17 month old vocab: juice, ball, bye-bye, No, mama, dada, doggie, duck, cracker, cookie, pass (paci,) night-night, home, car, please, thank you, socks, shoes, and pants. He can tell you what the following things say: a cow, a sheep, horse, duck, snake, cat, dog, bee, train, and Santa.

--Just like his big sis, he loves to read. He will sit in my lap and let me read to him for an hour. He loves picture books the best, but his favorite right now is Brown Bear. When we read his picture books though, he can point to everything in there. He knows what everything is. I will ask him to point out the chair, the sun, the clock, the camel, etc... and he can point to nearly everything in the book. I'm so proud.

-He loves, loves, loves to dance. He is a dancing fool. His shoulders start going, then his hips, and then you just can't stop the beat. He's actually very musical. He loves when Rob plays the guitar and I play the piano. He's got a great sense of rhythm and wants to play the guitar with his daddy.

-He also LOVES princesses. Hey, the kid has good taste. Whenever he sees any princess, he will gasp and say, "RELLA!" As in Cinda. And I mean gasp loudly. Love him.

-He has started standing up to Bennett. He is actually dominating her a wee bit. I told her it would catch up to her one day. Should have listened to Mom. He will now take her toys and then run as fast as he can into another room and hide. Great. As if I weren't loony enough. Now I have to track down Will who is hiding in a closet while holding her horse while she is screaming at the top of her lungs.

-He is a Mama's boy. And I love it. I don't know why that is such a negative term. I wouldn't necessarily want him to be one at 32, but I love it for now. He cries when Rob gets him up in the mornings. It has to be Mommy. He wants me to put his coat on, he wants me to change his diaper, he only wants to cuddle with me. I act exasperated, but don't believe a second of it. I absolutely love it.

-He is just funny. So dang funny. He knows how to make you laugh. And he does it often. He has this mischievous little grin that kills me every time. And he's a cuddler. Is that a word? Probably not, but it describes Will perfectly. He loves to be held and when he rests his little head on my shoulder..... heaven.

Like I've said before, Bennett is my heart and Will is my soul. Being a Mom to these two has been the greatest joy of my life and I am so incredibly thankful.


Brittny said...

Ahhhhhh..... There is nothing like being a mamma to a little boy. They steal your heart in ways no other boy ever has! He is so beautiful and that pic of the two of you is gorgeous!

starnes family said...

17 months? Can that be right?!

He is darling. I love his outfit in that bottom pic!