Sunday, November 11, 2007

I'm a slacker..... I know.

Maybe it's the lack of sleep, maybe it's the writers strike that has captured all of my attention, maybe it's the fact that my friends are the best bloggers in the world, and I can't keep up... I don't know. However, I know that I have been sadly negligent in updating our blog and so tonight I am going to remedy that.

Thoughts on Pregnancy:

You know how everyone talks about being in a crowded room and feeling completely alone? That's sort of how pregnancy feels. Now don't get me wrong. If there is a woman within three feet of you who has ever in her lifetime

a. Been pregnant

b. Thought about getting pregnant

c. Known someone who was pregnant

then she will have an opinion. I guarantee it. And usually the result of these conversations is that I have not experienced any of the symptoms that she or her Aunt Gladys did and so now I am convinced my baby will be an alien. Or I am having symptoms that she and her Aunt Gladys never had so now I am even more convinced my baby will be an alien. So, that's why I am in a room surrounded by people and I am tired, grumpy, and probably in pain somewhere, but I don't dare mention it else I be swarmed by the ABC option above, or my Mom will make me go to the hospital. It's an interesting journey.

So, Rob doesn't like it when I yell at the dogs. He thinks it scares the baby. He promised her last night he would get her out of there soon and is working on a plan to spring her from her jail. He has no idea how narrowly a shoe flying through the air missed his head. I forgive him though because he writes funny songs about our baby and our dog. They make no sense and don't ever really have a melody, but they make me laugh, and that goes a long way these days.

Four more months until the baby. So far the name count has been narrowed down to Caroline, Bennett, Laney, and Hey You. I would ask your thoughts, but really, I am too confused as it is. This was just for those of you out there who are dying to monogram something. All shall be revealed soon enough.


Carmen Andres said...

scares the baby?! oiy. take the other shoe and throw it for me!

Stacy said...

She'll join in soon enough. Sophie yells "knock it off!" to Callie Dog, even when the poor beast is just cleaning her toenails. And she totally learned it from me. At least she hasn't picked up any of Mommy's special "driving words" yet.

-- Aunt Stacy

dad said...

Just wait. You may feel alone now but when little "what's her name" gets here, you will never feel alone again, even when you want to. As for the yelling frightening the baby, I doubt it. Rob's singing, on the other hand, is another story...