Thursday, January 22, 2009


I am slowly but surely getting into the swing of things around here. I had my second week of our Esther bible study today. I am enjoying it more than I can say. I was never really able to take advantage of the studies at Frazer because I worked full time, so I have loved being a part of that here.

I also joined a group called Building Better Moms. I went yesterday to their luncheon. I was terrified walking in. Yes, me. My Mom said that she had never seen me so shy, but I was definitely intimidated. This was a well established group who had been friends for years, and it was still hard, but I made myself do it. And I had a great time.

We have had dinner with some co-workers of Robs, hung out with our friend Mary, and I had lunch with a dear friend from high school who lives in the area. So, things are falling into place.

I will say though that my hair is a mess. Even though life is calming down, my hair is acting up. All of this dry weather has made it more "static-clingy" than ever. I walk around KC like I just stuck my finger in a socket. I read online to use some leave-in conditioner, but we have a water heater the size of a can of soup, so getting the shampoo out is all I have time for. Conditioner is a luxury. Then I read to use a dryer sheet on your hair. Really? Can't be. But it is, and so I tried it. It actually works. But then I was in the bathroom of the church yesterday about to walk in to meet a bunch of girls for the first time and I was busted by a very elegant woman who witnessed me trying to rub a dryer sheet all over my head.

I hope I'm invited back next week.


Joey & Perri said...

Ha, ha! I've heard of the dryer sheet,, it's small enough to keep in your purse. Glad to hear things are fitting together.

Keri A. Ward said...

I am soooo glad to hear that you are meeting people and doing fun things. Yea, Im a fan of the dryer sheet as well. BUT you can also try spraying a little "static guard" or what ever it is that you sometime use for ironing. Its crazy, but it works!!! I learned that from my precious high school girls that I taught. They would spray it in a brush, brush hair, then use the straightner. Who knows, it might just work for you.

ps. And if I were the one that "caught you" using the dryer sheet, I probably would have said something like "Those work for me too!" HA!!! love you!

Anna said... constantly crack me up with your posts! i can "see" you in the bathroom rubbing your head down with a dryer sheet! i'm so proud of you for getting out and meeting people! they are all going to LOVE you! so you hold your slightly staticked (sp?) head high :) and keep hang in there!